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Football, Deviled Eggs, Bloody Marys: NFL Week 3

Last week I offended some of you with the profane suggestion that the Pats would beat the Chargers by a mere 9 points. This week I atone for that sin by guaranteeing a New England blowout. I expect something on the order of 48-21. The Bills have been bad for ages, and even though they've shown signs of life so far this season, good things don't come to those who choose to wait around in Buffalo. But I mean my imaginary Buffalonian friends no harm, and to prove it I will honor them with regionally appropriate alternatives to the standard Serious Eats recipes for Bloody Marys and deviled eggs. More

Video: Killing a Buffalo Humanely, Eating Bison Tartare After

My vegetarian girlfriend/camera operator refuses to watch this week's video, so I won't be insulted if you skip over it too. I'll be more impressed, though, if you watch. For those of you who can handle blood and like to see where your meat comes from—those who appreciated last week's slaughterhouse video on Food Curated—this one's for you. If you can call killing an animal "humane," this slaughtering is probably the most humane killing I've ever seen. More

The Best Beef on Weck Sandwich in Buffalo, New York?

The second most popular food in Buffalo, after the wings of course, is the beef on weck. It's comprised of three parts: the bread, the meat, and the horseradish. If any one of those components is off, the entire sandwich suffers. The kimmelweck roll, or 'weck for short, should be flecked with enough caraway seeds and salt crystals that you hardly need to season the beef since so much flavor power comes from the bread. The beef should be juicy and pinkish in the middle, with browned edges. Extra points if a guy in a white butcher's coat is carving it. And the horseradish—fresh, grated into mini shreds, and potent. We drove around the Buffalo area this week and made four beef on weck stops, looking for the best. And we found it. More

From the Road: Paula's Doughnuts in Buffalo, NY

If you were stopped on the corner of Englewood and Kenmore in Buffalo, New York, you might think to yourself, "I hope that cute place on the corner makes good doughnuts." As it happened, we had on the authority of a few SE'rs that Paula's Doughnuts did—and we're happy to report they were right. This no-frills, open-at-4:00am shop, where you can breakfast at a knee-high counter stool, ferries their two dozen different kinds of fresh doughnuts out of the kitchen all day long, so even if yours aren't warm, they'll still taste and feel noticeably fresh. More

My First Taste of Bison

I have discovered the perfect “something new” to grill this Labor Day. Last weekend I was at a wedding in Potosi, Missouri. The groom’s family raises shrimp in Nicaragua, and Maggie is the descendant of Midwestern cattle ranchers, who grew up on a farm full of buffalo. The groom’s father raised a glass at the rehearsal dinner to the well-matched pair, dubbing them “Surf and Turf.” And that’s exactly what we ate. Nicaraguan shrimp, and Maggie’s Missouri buffalo.... More

Americans Bought 31 Million Pounds of Bison Meat Last Year

Bison meat is lower in fat and cholesterol than beef, plus it tastes "more intense and not at all gamey," said chef John Ash in this Seattle Times piece on bison's comeback. Last year, Americans bought double the amount of bison meat they bought five years ago. For more information on eating this shaggy brown animal, visit bisoncentral.com. [via Girlhacker]... More

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