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Video: A Different Kind of Factory at Jomart Chocolates

New York James Boo 2 comments

A look at a chocolate maker that still does things the old fashioned way. More

Video: Blue Sky Bakery on Appraising the Perfect Muffin

New York James Boo Post a comment

The perfect muffin is a treat worth pursuing, and in this episode of 1 Minute Meal, Blue Sky Bakery's founder Erik Goetze puts into words what his bakers try to deliver in every tray. More

Video: A League of Tortas in Corona, Queens

New York James Boo 6 comments

Anyone who's been to Queens-based Mexican food truck Tortas Neza knows that it stands at the intersection of fútbol and good food. This episode of 1 Minute Meal is a tribute to that overlap, and to the moment of celebration when your oversized, painstakingly assembled sandwich hits the counter, informing you that those dinner plans will have to be postponed. More

Video: El Olomega, the Original Red Hook Pupuseria

New York James Boo 1 comment

Marcos Lainez and his family have run the city's best pupusa business (and just announced Vendy-finalist) for decades. Serving 18 variants of the Salvadoran staple, El Olomega personifies the Red Hook Ball Fields Vendors—a family forged in food at the edge of a soccer field. More

Video: Lechonera La Piraña in Mott Haven, Bronx

New York James Boo 2 comments

Parked on a nondescript street in the South Bronx, the trailer comes alive on Fridays, serving Puerto Rican dishes through the weekend and closing on Sunday evening. The owner and cook, known to the neighborhood as "Piraña," is immensely warm-hearted. Working during the week as a building superintendent, he uses his part-time business (and full-time sound system) to make the corner of Wales and 152nd Street a place to relax, to party, and to gather around good food. More

Video: The Arepa Lady of Jackson Heights, Still Sainted

New York James Boo 10 comments

When we, as diners, talk about how delicious a plate of street food can be, it's easy to lose sight of just how tenuous the career of a street vendor—especially an immigrant street vendor—is. For this brief moment, the Arepa Lady reminded me that for those who come to America to make a new and better life for themselves, cooking (even saintly cooking of national infamy) isn't necessarily the life they have in mind. More

Video: The Indonesian Food Bazaar in Astoria, Queens

New York James Boo 10 comments

Taking place several times throughout the warm-weather season, the Indonesian Bazaar brings home cooks ;together for a community event that serves up New York's best Indonesian food. More

Video: The Lemon Ice King of Corona, a Queens Classic

New York James Boo 2 comments

In the Queens neighborhood of Corona Heights, the first warm day of the year is synonymous with an ice from The Lemon Ice King. In this episode of 1 Minute Meal, co-owner and store manager Vincent Barbaccia recounts the feeling of that day, and why this ice stand has only become more precious to New York since over the past 69 years. More

Video: A Day in the Life of The Baoery, a Pop-Up Restaurant

New York James Boo 6 comments

This episode of 1 Minute Meal follows The Baoery on a single day of its pop-up life, telling the story through video and time-lapse photography. If you're interested in baoing down with the chefs, you can help them celebrate The Baoery's 1st anniversary this Sunday, June 13, at Williamsburg's Nha Toi. More

Video: How To Cook Steak In A Cooler With The Food Lab

J. Kenji López-Alt 52 comments

There are countless good ways to cook a steak. So long as you start with good, high quality meat, season it properly, don't overcook it, and get a good sear on it, you can't really go wrong. But if your goal is the ultimate in tenderness and juiciness, a steak with a crisp, crackling, dark brown crust that cuts open to reveal flesh that's perfectly pink from edge to edge, then you're going to want to cook your steak sous-vide. Sound expensive? Think again. Watch the video or read the transcript to see how you can cook the best, most consistently foolproof steaks of your life, all in a $30 beer cooler. More

Video: Khachapuri, a Georgian Bread Baked into South Brooklyn

New York James Boo 3 comments

Khachapuri, an umbrella term for a variety of cheese breads, is something of a national pastime in Georgia—and in South Brooklyn. On this episode of 1 Minute Meal we get a peek at what's coming out of the ovens at Georgian Food, a.k.a. Brick Oven Bread. More

Video: Rick Bayless Makes Sparkling Ginger Margaritas at Serious Eats HQ

Drinks Jessica Leibowitz 3 comments

We had a swell happy hour recently when Rick Bayless stopped by the Serious Eats office to demonstrate a few recipes from his book Frontera: Margaritas, Guacamoles, and Snacks. In this video, Rick Bayless and Ed Levine shake up an excellent batch of sparkling ginger margaritas, and Rick gives us a quick education about agave syrup and kaffir lime leaves. More

Video: The Food Lab's Foolproof Hollandaise in 2 Minutes

The Food Lab J. Kenji López-Alt 38 comments

Traditional hollandaise, made by emulsifying melted butter into egg yolks and lemon juice, is notoriously difficult to make. But there's a super easy way to do it at home that requires no whisking, is completely foolproof, and produces a hollandaise that's indistinguishable from one made using traditional methods. Watch the video to see how it's done. More

Video: Alton Brown and The Food Lab Play With Chicken

The Food Lab J. Kenji López-Alt 20 comments

A few months back Alton Brown stopped by the office to chat with us about cooking and recipe writing. Now, chatting is all well and good, but I'm not going to pass up on the opportunity to actually cook with the man who made me want to do what I do today. To make it exciting, we grabbed the first raw ingredient we could find—a whole, head-on chicken from the Chinese supermarket around the corner—and placed a bet on it. More

Video: How to Poach Eggs, the Foolproof Method (Really!)

The Food Lab J. Kenji López-Alt 131 comments

It wasn't until I discovered this technique that my egg-poaching success rate suddenly soared to, well, pretty much 100%, where it's stayed ever since. The trick requires no fancy equipment, and can be done by anyone. Watch the video to become an egg-poaching pro. More

Video: Alton Brown Chews The Fat With Ed Levine, Part III

Jessica Leibowitz Post a comment

Without further ado, we bring you the final Ed Levine-hosted segment of Chewing the Fat, starring our good friend Alton Brown (Good Eats, Iron Chef America). Today, Ed and Alton discuss the most recent season of Food Network Star and how Alton selects the most promising cheftestants. More

Video: Alton Brown Chews The Fat With Ed Levine, Part II

Jessica Leibowitz 1 comment

Welcome to Part II of Chewing the Fat with Alton Brown (Good Eats, Iron Chef America), in which SE Overlord Ed Levine playfully cross-examines the TV food science whiz. Today's topics include live-tweeting, the transition of traditional books into Book-Like Things, and the world wide internet, according to Prince. More

Video: Alton Brown Chews the Fat with Ed Levine, Part I

Jessica Leibowitz 4 comments

Due to popular demand, we're introducing a few more Chewing the Fat videos. In today's episode, SE Overlord and Founder Ed Levine takes the hotseat across from Alton Brown (Good Eats, Iron Chef America) as they discuss the merits of a Chinatown breakfast, the perils of being a food personality superstar, and more. More

Video: Rick Bayless Makes Roasted Fennel and Apple Guacamole

Paul Yee 6 comments

Rick Bayless stopped by the Serious Eats office recently to demonstrate a few recipes from his book Frontera: Margaritas, Guacamoles, and Snacks. In this video, he whips up an inventive, seasonal guacamole as well as teaches the office how to find ripe avocados and how to keep your dip bright green during a party. More

Video: Alton Brown's 5 Essential Pieces of Kitchen Equipment

Jessica Leibowitz 26 comments

Now that it's a new year, we're on our way to becoming our best, healthiest, most organized selves. For those looking to simplify their kitchens, we gladly present: Alton Brown's five essential pieces of kitchen equipment. In our latest episode of the Chewing the Fat video series, TV personality and food science whiz Alton Brown (Good Eats, Iron Chef America) elaborates on quite the interesting hit-list, including a few "essentials" many might not include. More

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