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Hillside Farmacy's House Punch

Serious Eats Melody Fury 1 comment

At first glance, it appears to be a simple combination of gin and grapefruit juice with a splash of sparkling wine. When one tastes more attentively, hibiscus tea's tart and floral nature come through. More

Apple Fennel Punch

Serious Eats Melody Fury Post a comment

Rye adds a distinct kick to the other soothing flavors like apple, ginger, and fennel in this winter punch from Fino in Austin, Texas. Bergamot tea is the clean, earthy base that ties the flavors together. More

Fishhouse Punch Royale

Serious Eats Naomi Bishop Tomky Post a comment

Jamie Boudreau of Canon in Seattle tells us that many prominent figures in American history, such as George Washington, have also enjoyed this rum-forward punch. More

La Patria Punch

Serious Eats Naomi Bishop Post a comment

A fruit-filled punch that dates back to 1862. More

John McCarthy's Scotch Regency Punch

Serious Eats Carey Jones Post a comment

Cardamom meets lemon, Black Grouse, and soda for what's a essentially a scotch Tom Collins against a cardamom backdrop. More

Pineapple Rum Punch

Serious Eats Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

This tropical punch gets its flavor and fragrance from ripe, fresh pineapple, which infuses a simple syrup for a few hours (or overnight.) More

Aperol Gin Punch

Serious Eats Maggie Hoffman 1 comment

We served this tart, tangy, and boozy Negroni-inspired punch at our 3rd Annual Serious Eats Cookie Swap, and the revelers demanded a second batch almost immediately. More

Rosemary, Baby! from Prime Meats

Serious Eats Lauren Sloss Post a comment

In addition to being gorgeous, this punch has a delicate, fresh flavor: the sweetness from bourbon, honey, and sparkling wine is well-balanced by tart, fresh grapefruit and rosemary-laced Aperol. More

The Old Gunwhale from The Drink

Serious Eats Lauren Sloss Post a comment

Pronounced "gun-ole," a Gunwhale is the upper edge of a ship's or boat's side. It's a perfect cocktail to come out of The Drink, a Williamsburg bar with a nautical vibe. The punch has the rich woodiness of bourbon without the tell-tale kick, so it's a little dangerous. More

The Queequeg from The Drink

Serious Eats Lauren Sloss Post a comment

The Queequeg from The Drink is a rum punch named after a character in Moby Dick, and does its nautical namesake proud. The punch is made special thanks to the bottle of Cooper's Vintage Ale that's poured in just before serving. The beer's maltiness balances the sweetness of the rum and honey. More

The Applebottom from The Drink

Serious Eats Lauren Sloss Post a comment

This punch from The Drink has the fresh sweetness of apple juice with the rich depth of the finest cider. And rum, of course, which doesn't hurt things at all. More

Sailor's Punch from Slightly Oliver

Serious Eats Lauren Sloss Post a comment

We love the zesty tang that a healthy dose of lime juice lends to this bourbon-cider punch from Slightly Oliver. Don't skip the bay leaves, they add a wonderful aromatic depth. More

Fizzy Pear Ginger Punch

Serious Eats Carrie Vasios Mullins Post a comment

An elegant punch that combines mellow pear and spicy ginger. More

Cana Rum Bar's Jitterbug Perfume Punch

Serious Eats Katie Robbins Post a comment

This floral punch combines plenty of soft layered jasmine flavor with a bit of hefty funk from Jamaican rum. More

Jalisco Flower from Copa D'Oro

Serious Eats Katie Robbins Post a comment

While he doesn't believe in strict recipes and is happy to create a bespoke punch catering to customers' tastes, Vincenzo Marianella of Copa D'Oro in Los Angeles often recommends this light and delicate punch as an introduction to tequila. More

Library Bar's Jamaican Waiting Punch

Serious Eats Katie Robbins Post a comment

This strong and slightly funky sipper takes its name from the Jamaican rum that forms its base and because Library Bar's Matthew Biancaniello offers it as a freebie on the weekends to keep waiting customers happy as he crafts their cocktails. More

Kentucky River Fish Kill Punch

Serious Eats Katie Robbins Post a comment

Wild Turkey rye gives this smooth sweet-tart punch from Seven Grand in Los Angeles a bit of a spicy kick. More

Fizzy Gin and Lillet Punch

Serious Eats Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

We threw a little shindig today to say goodbye to SE Ad Sales Director Erin Adamo. I mixed up this bubbly punch—it's a good brunch or predinner drink: a little tart, a little sweet, and a little more complex than you'd expect. More

Plymouth Pilgrims' Punch

Serious Eats Paul Clarke 3 comments

Anybody can ice down a cooler of beer or a chill a few bottles of rosé for an outdoor party. But as I wrote on Wednesday, preparing a large-format punch or pitchers of drinks for your guests is a way to bump up the celebratory spirit without sapping your own time to mingle. More

Chatham Artillery Punch

Serious Eats Marleigh Riggins Miller 4 comments

To finish off this roundup of recipes from Dave Wondrich's Punch, I have selected a monster. The big dog. The epic, party-starting, punch-to-end-all-punches: Chatham Artillery Punch. More

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