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The Serious Eats Guide to Grilling

J. Kenji López-Alt 24 comments

With grilling season just around the corner, now's a good time to bone up on your basics so that you'll be ready to fire up that kettle on the first lazy day of summer (or, if you're anything like me, even earlier). We present to you, the official 2012 Serious Eats Guide To Grilling. More

Guide to Grilling: Why You Should Really Own a Smoker

Joshua Bousel 46 comments

So why do you need to buy a smoker? Here's a breakdown between two racks of baby back ribs, one done on the smoker, one on the grill, on the same day, using the same recipe. More

Guide to Grilling: Smoking on a Charcoal Kettle Grill

Joshua Bousel 24 comments

Nobody should be denied the satisfaction of taking a large, tough piece of meat and transforming it into something of sheer ecstasy by smoking it low-and-slow—and yes, this can be accomplished on the grill. More

Guide to Grilling: Planking

Joshua Bousel 14 comments

For all that I've grilled (150-plus recipes and counting), there's always plenty of uncharted territory. One of those areas: planking. There aren't usually many planking recipes in cookbooks, save the ubiquitous planked salmon. Put simply, planking is cooking food directly on a piece of hardwood. When cooking this way, the surface of the food touching the wood picks up some of the plank's natural flavors. More

Guide to Grilling: How to Use Smoke Woods

Joshua Bousel 12 comments

Congratulations, after four solid days of basic grilling advice, you're pretty much an expert. It's time to graduate to the next level—the introduction of smoke. I contend that smoke produced from charcoal will lend a very slight smokiness to food (the old, charcoal tastes better than gas debate), but you need to step up your game if you want real flavor out of your grilling medium. More

Guide to Grilling: Controlling Flare-ups

Joshua Bousel 28 comments

It's a disheartening sight, one moment you're grilling perfectly and the next the food is totally consumed in an uncontrolled blaze. Knowing what causes and how to deal with these flare-ups will ensure that precious food will never go up in flames. More

Guide to Grilling: Gauging the Heat

Joshua Bousel 2 comments

To become a true "Master of the Flames," you'll need to know how to own a fire. Gauging and controlling the temperature is crucial in delivering the just right heat to your food—luckily, one of the easiest way to determine this is always at hand (literally). Just hover your hand above the cooking grate and count the seconds it takes until you're positive your skin will melt off. With the findings, you can determine if the heat is at high, medium, or low, and which foods should be cooked at each. More

Guide to Grilling: Arranging the Coals

Joshua Bousel 6 comments

One of the great glories of the grill is its versatility to deliver different types of heat, with coal arrangement being a main player in this arena. A little know-how is all that's needed to create the right type of heat to successfully grill just about anything. More

Guide to Grilling: Keeping a Clean Grill

Joshua Bousel 10 comments

To love grilling is to love your grill. No matter what type of grill you own, with some tender care in the way of basic maintenance, you'll be rewarded with years of grilling bliss. Here are some tips on cleaning the grill grate (and what happens when you don't), whether or not to oil the grate, and what to do with all those charcoal remains. More

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