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Thanksgiving Sides: Gravy

Gravy is blessed with the miraculous property of making virtually any Thanksgiving dish taste twice as delicious. Drizzle the magic stuff on turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, or whatever else it touches. Here are all sorts of tips and recipes for a giblet gravy, mushroom gravy, a gluten-free take, and more. More

Taste Test: Store-Bought Turkey Gravy

Of all the Thanksgiving taste-tests we've had recently at headquarters, the gravy one didn't exactly make our tummies grumble for joy.* Bowls of brownish to brownish-gray gloop all lined up. Shudder. Though many of us wouldn't even think to use the packaged stuff on Thanksgiving, especially when the bird naturally acts as a gravy faucet, sometimes it's nice to have around as an emergency back-up. And we were curious, do any of them taste homemade? We tried the following nationally available brands: Franco-American, Campbells, Heinz (regular and fat-free), Trader Joe's, and Williams-Sonoma. More

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