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Beer Caramel Ice Cream

Really good caramel ice cream comes from playing chicken with your sugar. Don't let it intimidate you while melting it; the sugar should be the color of dark stained wood. I let it smoke, then slowly count to 3 before plunging in butter and cream. Those last three seconds are where those beautiful smoky flavors develop. More

Bathtub Gin and Other DIY Alcohols

Photograph from Spencer E Holtaway on Flickr Gangsters did it during prohibition and now, even though liquor is legal, you can too. Gourmet's Ian Knauer shares his quick and easy recipe using juniper berries and spices. If you just want to spruce up a bottle of cheap gin, add sloe berries, a relative of the plum. This makes a ruby red, sweeter drink. The base for making gin is vodka, so if you are like me and your stomach turns with each sip of the juniper berry-infused beverage, there are other things you can do to flavor it. Sauver featured a recipe for pineapple-infused vodka where you take sugar, vodka, and a whole pineapple. You let it sit in... More

For a Drink You Can't Put Down: Bottoms Up

This Monday the James Beard Foundation Greens is hosting a celebration of the 75th anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition. Mind you, the deed was not officially done until December 5th of 1933, with the ratification of the 21st amendment, but by golly, if the James Beard Foundation has sanctioned the early celebration of this momentous occasion, who am I to quibble? Nobody, that’s who, and thus, I will be eagerly joining in the festivities on Monday evening. So, it is in the spirit of this event, with free flowing libations in mind, that I decided to introduce you to some of my very favorite drinking companions: bottoms up shot glasses.... More

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