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Travelers: What's Your Favorite Airport Food?

Erin Zimmer 146 comments

Thanksgiving means family and family means airport security lines! Many of us will be boarding flights in the next 48 hours, and if you don't pack PB&J in your carry-on, the trip could involve some mediocre food court grub. But there are a few decent chains hiding in those airport terminals. Here are 12 pretty tasty airport bites. Do you have a favorite snack while traveling? More

Stuck at JFK? Good Eats in Terminal 5

New York Carey Jones 10 comments

Those putting in long hours at New York's JFK Airport (and lucky enough to be in Terminal 5) have a number of good eats to choose from: the 5ive Steak Burger endorsed by Nick Solares, plus a pretty gourmet-ed up... More

What Londoners Think of New York Food: The 'Madison Avenue Bagel'

New York Carey Jones 26 comments

There may be nothing funnier than seeing other countries take on your native foods. I hardly anticipated bagel greatness from Bagel Street at London's Heathrow Airport, but it's the sandwiches that were the real laugh. Like the Madison Avenue... More

What's Your Favorite Airport Food?

Ed Levine 7 comments

In yesterday's L.A. Times, the normally skeptical Regina Schrambling practically gushes about the tasty, locally sourced foods being sold at airports. I'm sure Regina will lay into me when she reads this, but she practically comes off as a soft touch in this piece, and believe me when I tell you she is no soft touch. I have had really good barbecue in airports in Houston and Memphis, and some decent Cuban grub at the Miami airport. I am going to order one of the Derby pies Regina writes about immediately. What's the best food you've ever had at an airport?... More

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