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Great Airline Food on Air France (Yes, Really)

I've long stopped counting on airline food as a viable meal; with some airlines still serving those terrible little trays of mushy pasta and limp salads, some now charging $9 for stale sandwiches, and some not serving food at all, it's generally easier to bring your own meal aboard or just eat ahead of time. So I was stunned when this tray landed in front of me on an Air France flight, economy section. More

Have You Ever Had Airline Food You Actually Liked?

Airline food. The jokes usually write themselves. But after having flown Aer Lingus recently, I had to eat some of my nasty words — along with the tasty beef stew the Irish carrier served me. And, OMG, peep the photo here — Kerrygold butter is their standard butter packet. Quoth Erin Zimmer, "I eat every bite of my Aer Lingus meals whenever I visit family in Ireland." So my question for you today, SE'rs: Have you ever had a good airplane meal experience? Dish. More

Airline Meals Inspire Japanese Toys, Taiwanese Restaurant

Airplane food is low on the list of things I expect to inspire merchandisers and restaurateurs. Yet Japanese toymaker Re-Ment has launched a range of dollhouse-scale airline meals (book me a ticket on Air Bibimbap, please), and a new Taipei restaurant replicates the inflight experience, from stewardesses to plastic trays, on solid ground. Airplane food isn't exactly known for tasting good, so what's the appeal? Well, there's something deeply, inherently satisfying about a compartmentalized dinner, with a little nook for every course, isn't there? In a chaotic world, airline meals, bento boxes and TV dinners tap into our very human desire for order.... More

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