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In Videos: Trongs, the Latest in Finger Food

These red claws may look like lobster appendages but they are apparently for humans. Step off, spork. Trongs are the latest in hybrid utensil fashion. (Wait, what does the "r" represent? Tongs plus, uh.) Nobody would think you were weird at all if you kept them in your bag, just in case the saucy buffalo wing attacked. In this 30-second promotional video, the robotic music seems to build up to something really cool and climactic, but that never happens. Watching people who seem to believe Trongs are the wave of the future, though, does have its appeal. The video, after the jump. And if you're left feeling hungry for more Trongs multimedia, play the game! (A lady in a... More

In Videos: Bernie Mac Flaunts Hot Sauce Carry Purse on SNL

Before you leave the house for any party, you do the routine check: keys, wallet, phone, mints. Now you can add hot sauce carry purse to that list. Because what if they hand you a burger and don't have bottles of tongue-burning, chili pepper-laden condiments waiting? "They ain't got no hot sauce! I told you we should have called first...C'mon woman, get in the car, we got to go!" Bernie Mac, who died Saturday morning of pneumonia, was freaking out in this SNL sketch until his lady whipped out her sweet Tabasco accessory, where each compartment is insulated and calibrated for maximum hot sauce freshness. Bernie even had something for guys who didn't want to schlep around a girly... More

Baguette Keyboard Wrist Cushion

Turning on your computer this morning, did you notice something missing under your wrist? Not enough flaky French bread there? When the carpal tunnel syndrome is ailing your poor, overworked wrists, rest them on this long, cushiony baguette. You can almost hear the squish on that gel foam—which probably doesn't taste good with butter and jam.... More

Designer Bag for Your Bread and Wine

If you're a haute handbag fan, you know Rebecca Minkoff as the designer of an eponymous line of pretty purses. Perhaps it is Rebecca's avid Union Square Greenmarket frequenting that has inspired the Bread and Wine Bag. "Eco-friendly" and "designed to be a reusable market bag and an everyday tote," this is high fashion for the serious grocery shopper. Five percent of profits go to The Earth Organization. As the name implies, there are separate compartments for your bread and wine—a solid foundation of any meal!... More

Best Dinner Party Jewelry: Finger Food Rings

Juggling the mini quiches with the teriyaki chicken wings and salmon rillettes is stressful. I can't tell you how many times I wonder, "How will I balance this sparkling rosé with all my tiny sustenances?" Houseware designers Fred & Friends created the Finger Food ring so nibbles can rest peacefully on your finger. Ah, relief. Ten reusable ring "plates" come in each pack. [via Presurfer]... More

Need A New Wallet? Try the pitapocket

Perfect for pita lovers everywhere, the pitapocket is a 5.5 inch-wide zippered cloth case made to resemble a pita (although you should fill it with change, not falafel). You can buy it directly from its Israeli designer, Anat Safran, at infobag.co.il. [via The Food Section]... More

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