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Frozen Pies and The Uncanny Valley of Pizza

Slice Adam Kuban 53 comments

When it comes to frozen pizza, I'd just give up eating it before I'd ever buy the fancy-pants kind. They fall within the UNCANNY VALLEY of pizza: close enough to the real thing but not quite there. Either give me the real thing or give me the obviously cartoonish version of "pizza." More

A Pizza My Mind: Does It Really Matter Who Makes Your Pizza?

Slice Lance Roberts 21 comments

Nobody cares who makes their pizza at your chain du jour, but at critically acclaimed spots like Paulie Gee's and Kesté, having a pie made by the boss is an honor. But is the pizza appreciably better? Do some pizzaioli have magic in their hands? To find out, we talked to two people who would know. More

A Pizza My Mind: On Planning a Pizza Crawl

Slice Erin Mosbaugh 11 comments

Ultimately, pizza crawls are about feeling accomplished when it's all said and done. And that requires eating a ton of pizza. When you think about it, the logical solution to maintaining your stamina is calling it quits mid-slice. But are you going to leave a slice from Di Fara's or a pie from Paulie Gee's unfinished? No, and I wouldn't either. More

A Pizza My Mind: In Praise of Delivery

Slice Maggie Hoffman 10 comments

Delivery's not good for pizza. Sitting in a cardboard box, the pizza steams, the crust softens, that crisp edge melting into the sauce. Great pizza is a fleeting thing once it leaves the fiery oven, and it doesn't wait for your convenience. But I had a good thing going until a few short months ago: I lived within delivery distance of Motorino in the East Village of NYC... More

A Pizza My Mind: Fast Casual Pizza

Slice Kelly Bone 19 comments

Love it or hate it, the fast casual / quick service / Chiptole-ization of pizza is here to stay. The novelty of lining up and specifying topping via a Chiptole / Subway / Pinkberry / Panera assembly line isn't wearing off... it's popping up across the country. More

A Pizza My Mind: In Defense of Dessert Pizza

Slice Erin Jackson 20 comments

Dessert pizza will always have a pizza my heart, particularly the low-rent version topped with cherry pie filling at Pizza Hut lunch buffets. More

A Pizza My Mind: On Matzah Pizza

Slice Jessica Leibowitz 9 comments

Sometimes grabbing a slice is out of the question. Which brings me to today's topic: the weeklong Atkins-friendly debacle commonly referred to as Passover. What's a pizza-lover to do? More

A Pizza My Mind: The Best Frozen Pizza, PERIOD.

Slice Adam Kuban 114 comments

What's the best frozen pizza? See the photo at left, people. And you know what I don't want to see in the Comments here? Any other pizza that is not pictured at left. More

A Pizza My Mind: Have You Ever Had to Break Up with Pizza?

Slice Robyn Lee 32 comments

I love pizza, but I don't love the potential of it giving me a severe allergic reaction. And thus pizza and I are taking a break. Have you ever had to break up with pizza? More

A Pizza My Mind: Why You Should Eat More Bad Pizza

Slice Lance Roberts 28 comments

If you're visiting Slice, there's a very good chance that you're obsessive about your pizza. You've eaten your 10,000 slices, you've developed an excellent palette...and you no longer have any time in your life for shitty pizza. You want the pizza in the picture above. Well, unless you want to be in a prison of your own creation I would suggest you make a little time for bad pizza. Here's why. More

A Pizza My Mind: Comfort Me with Black Olives and Pineapple

Slice Casey Barber 13 comments

Everyone's got a favorite set of pizza toppings, and mine just happens to be black olives and pineapple. Try before you judge. More

A Pizza My Mind: Pepperoni and Pineapple Pizza

Slice Carey Jones 38 comments

Like most kids, I was an opinionated eater, and my food preferences changed often. One of my weirder phases? Pepperoni and pineapple pizza. And having tried it again recently, I have to say—it's not at all bad. More

A Pizza My Mind: My Weirdest Pizza Topping Ever

Slice Todd Brock 26 comments

I am not talking about a dessert pizza or a cheffy Asian-themed pie dressed with peanut sauce. This was an honest-to-God frozen cheese pizza that had Jif where the tomato sauce should be. And I loved it. More

A Pizza My Mind: Why Pizza Can (And Should) Be A Part of Every Meal

Slice Lauren Sloss 1 comment

But the true pizza lover should make pizza a part of every meal, even if it's not the main course. At the very least, never ever ever throw out those leftovers. More

A Pizza My Mind: In Defense of Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Slice Max Falkowitz 35 comments

There's the fancy pizza we talk about on Slice—your DOP Neopolitan, your black truffle-Parmagiano Reggiano pies—and then there's "gourmet" pizza, slices piled high with everything from eggplant parm to shrimp scampi. These are easy to make fun of, and usually not very good, but there's one I'll defend against anybody: the buffalo chicken slice. More

Pizza Is...

Slice Adam Kuban 17 comments

The slap of the dough on the table
More than the words on a label
Tomato sauce, cheese
Napkins and grease
A whole pie or more if you're able More

A Pizza My Mind: The World Should Have More Garlic Knots

Slice Carey Jones 36 comments

I wasn't all that well acquainted with garlic knots until moving to New York, where I started to encounter them at every corner sliceria. Little strips of dough tucked around garlic, drenched in butter and oil? An amazing notion even without the parmesan and parsley scattered on top. But while the pizza scene is enjoying a renaissance, the garlic knot scene (yes, I said "garlic knot scene") has not followed suit. I want more well-made garlic knots! More

A Pizza My Mind: I Hate Papa Murphy's Take 'N' Bake

Slice Carey Jones 38 comments

When I was in elementary school, weekend nights meant sleepovers. Sleepovers meant "camping" in someone's suburban backyard, or TGIF marathons, or stealing someone's older sister's copies of Seventeen and YM. And dinner at sleepovers, unfortunately, meant Papa Murphy's Take 'N' Bake. I was hardly a discerning eater as a nine-year-old, but even then, I couldn't stand the stuff. Does anyone understand the appeal? More

A Pizza My Mind: The Game Changer

Slice Meredith Smith 25 comments

In honor of National Pizza Month (aka October), the Serious Eats editors, staff, and Slice writers will top off our regular content with their deepest thoughts on all things cheesy, saucy, and crusty. To start of the month long series, we have a pizza coming of age story on the pie that changed everything. More

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