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The Best Roast Chicken: The Final Acts

I must admit I was in a lousy mood yesterday when I started to make my Zuni Roast Chicken and Bread Salad. The Giants had once again looked awful, this time against the Packers (somebody please get the Giants a new coach, please, I am begging you), and I am not one of those people who cooks for therapeutic reasons. Zuni Cafe chef-owner Judy Rodgers believes that multitasking is essential to successfully cooking her food, but I quickly found out that I, for one, cannot handle doing two things at once in the kitchen, especially if both require split-second timing.... More

Zuni Roast Chicken Update

This morning I went to my local Fairway Market and bought a a three pound organic chicken. I brought it home, rinsed, dried, and salted it, put the herbs under the skin, and put it in the fridge loosely covered. I then took everyone's advice and bought a ten inch skillet with a metal handle to cook the chicken in. Also in response to the many comments on the subject, I'm going to make the bread salad to go with the chicken. Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to make the bread salad and cook the bird. I can't wait to see how it goes.... More

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