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Behind the Slice: Addtional Notes on Zero Otto Nove

What I would actually worry about, if I were them, would be the nights when the place is packed. There's only one oven, and it's a fairly standard-size Neapolitan-style wood oven, capable of handling only a handful of pizzas at a time. Granted, pizzas in this type of oven need little cooking time, but still. With a pizzeria of this size, I expected two ovens back there. More

First Look: Zero Otto Nove, Salernitano Pizza in the Flatiron District

The original Zero Otto Nove is wildly popular, having quickly built a following since Arthur Avenue restaurateur Roberto Paciullo (Roberto's) opened it in late 2007. Both locations serve Salerno-style pizza, which could easily be mistaken for its cousin, Neapolitan-style pizza. They're both cooked in a wood-oven, both round, both a similar size (about 12 inches in diameter). Both exhibit a minimalist restraint and a focus on ingredient quality rather than quantity. But where Neapolitan pizza is often "wet" in the center, with a puffy rim (the Italians call it the cornicione), Salerno-style pizza, according to longtime Slice'r Gianluca Rottura, is a bit more crisp and not as pillowy at the edge. After trying a trio of pizzas on Tuesday night at the Manhattan 089 (Zero Otto Nove is the Italian translation of Salerno's telephone area code), I began to think of the style as a sort of "missing link" between Neapolitan pizza and New York–style. More

Openings: Arthur Avenue's Zero Otto Nove Coming to Manhattan

Peter D. wrote to us on Sunday with the news that acclaimed Arthur Avenue pizza hotspot Zero Otto Nove is coming to Manhattan. Located at 15 West 21st Street (between Fifth and Sixth avenues), the new location, which has yet to open, seems to have found a good spot for the Neapolitan-esque style of pizza it makes. The only pizzeria of a similar vein is La Pizza Fresca (reviewed here) about 3 minutes away on 20th Street just off Broadway. More

Gael Greene at Zero Otto Nove

InsatiableCritic.com Gael "Insatiable Critic" Greene hits up Zero Otto Nove with Arthur "Food Maven" Schwartz as guide. Schwartz is, of course, the man largely responsible for blowing this place up with his newsletter account and blog post about it. Says Greene: As for the pizzas that lured us here, Arthur is right. They are a model of brick oven pies. The crust has appealing flavor though it’s not crisp like my favorites at Celeste. The splendid buffalo mozzarella shows best on the Margherita with San Marzano tomatoes, though the Marinara with capers, anchovies and pitted olives is admirable too.... More

Bronx Pizza Mini Crawl: Zero Otto Nove and Coals

From left: A pizza Margherita from Zero Otto Nove and the Margherita from Coals. When you're on a pizza crawl, it's a rare that even one in five places you hit up is any good. Last night, on a mini crawl in the Bronx, we batted a thousand. (If you're slow with the baseball metaphors, that's a 100 percent success rate, folks.) Not that we went to even five places last night—just two. So who the hell knows if that even counts as a "crawl," but whatevs. It was our main objective—Ed Levine's and mine—to finally meet the mysterious... More

Peter Meehan on Zero Otto Nove

Peter Meehan visits Zero Otto Nove for the Times's Diner's Journal: "The crust had little stretch or chew and no discernable yeasty or fermented flavor, except for the faintest sourness. (I mean that in the good, sourdoughy bread sort of way). The low-flavor dough combined with the moist crumb of the bread (even in the well-done one we ordered after polishing off our first two) put me in the mindset of naan and other flatbreads, not of pizza. Again, not a bad thing, but not what I was hunting for." Meehan also found the sauce too sweet. Slice visited ZON... More

Openings: Zero Otto Nove

View Slice's Bronx Pizza Map » Food maven Arthur Schwarz reports on Zero Otto Nove, a newish Neapolitan joint on Arthur Avenue in The Bronx that has somehow managed to fly under the Slice radar: Roberto’s has been a destination restaurant for years. Now Zero Otto Nove has become one. It is already, after only a few months in business, drawing customers from the hinterlands, and for several good reasons. Top among them, I am sure, is the Neapolitan-style pizza that may be the best you’ve ever had in the U.S., and better than many in Naples, as I... More

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