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11 Eggplant Dishes We Love in NYC

Eggplant is one of those culinary chameleons that can take on the flavors of just about any cuisine. Italian? Bring on the mozzarella. Japanese? Hello, miso. Indian? Israeli? Sichuan? Azerbaijani? All good. The humble eggplant has an awful lot of stamps in its passport. So let's look at our favorite eggplant dishes in the city. More

Ed's 10 Favorite Frozen Treats in New York City

After this long and arduous winter, we've finally had a few ice cream-worthy days. (Not that I have any problem eating ice cream in the cold. But you know what I'm saying, eaters.) In honor of the spring we have waited for so long, here are ten of my favorite frozen treats—from granitas and gelato to coffee malts and killer soft-serve. More

The Best Restaurants We Reviewed in 2010

It's been quite a year for restaurants in New York. In fact, though it's hard to believe, some of my very favorite spots in the city have opened their doors within the last year. And others just came to our attention in the last twelve months, reminding us how very much exists in the world of New York restaurants. Here's a recap of my favorite eight reviews this year. More

Zenkichi in Williamsburg: The Best $55 Omakase We Know

While in many parts of America, "Japanese food" essentially translates to sushi, teriyaki, and not much more, New York is lucky to experience a wider variety of Japanese offerings. Within Manhattan alone, we've got izakayas and robatayaki, ramen joints and even fast-food Japanese curry. But it's hard to think of anywhere quite like Zenkichi in Williamsburg—a labyrinthine Brooklyn restaurant where $55 will get you an eight-course omakase meal that's worth a trip from anywhere in the boroughs. More

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