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What to Eat at Coachella this Weekend

While most people are busy sorting through the schedule of set times for Coachella, the three-day musical festivalarama that kicks off tomorrow, Zach Brooks of Food is the New Rock (and Midtown Lunch of course!) has a complete list of food vendors for you to hit up here. "Kogi, Coolahus, crab fries, doughnuts, egg rolls and a corn dog have already been penciled in... with a little music squeezed in, I suppose," he says. More

The Issues of Street Vending Today

"The first rule of Vendor Fight Club is you don't talk about Vendor Fight Club." Freddy the "King of Falafel" in Queens. [Photograph: Erin Zimmer] What's it like becoming a street vendor? "You get fat and develop arthritis," said Freddy Zeidaies, aka "the King of Falafel," who's built a little kingdom of street meat-loving fans in Queens for almost a decade. Last night, he sat in the audience as a panel of five people (who care and know a lot about street food) debated the future of sidewalk cuisine at the Astor Center in Manhattan. Does it have to be from a cart or truck? Any old contraption? Is the recent boom a direct outcome of a nosediving economy?... More

Kids' Restaurant Week

A few months ago, new daddio Zach Brooks declared that restaurants should implement a baby seating. While he loves his street meat (which he probably pulverizes into a baby-friendly paste for little Harry), Zach misses dining out at nicer... More

Kefi Starts Lunch Service Today

We love when Midtown Lunch king Zach eats somewhere outside Midtown and gives us the exclusive report. Today, he and his wife Sarah lucked into the first lunch service at the newly-reopened Kefi. for the record, i wasn't cheating... More

Take That, Rock 'n' Roll

Our own Serious Eats New York editor Zach Brooks of Midtown Lunch fame was chosen one of Rolling Stone's "10 People Who Escaped the Music Industry." Ever since he left his programming position at Sirius Satellite Radio, we've been fattening him up with chocolate-chip cookies and lobster.... More

New Orleans Jazz Fest: The 5 Must-Have Foods

The most amazing thing about Jazz Fest, and what makes it unique from most music festivals these days, is that the food has yet to be co-opted by big business. Every stand is a different restaurant or caterer from Louisiana, and no two places serve the same dish. Each has its unique specialty, and with five food areas and more than 60 vendors, there's a lot to eat. You must have a game plan. Inside, the Five Must-Have Jazz Fest Foods. More

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