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Serious Eats YouTube Playlist: French Fries

In our latest playlist we honor those almighty fried sticks of potatoes. We love them whether they're just sprinkled with salt or smothered in gravy and cheese curds. Check out the playlist here or visit the playlist's page at YouTube to see how french fries are made, fries from other parts of the world, places to get good fries, and more! More

Food Battle 2007: Doughnuts vs. Celery

How does one determine the winner in a battle between doughnuts versus celery? Taste? Texture? Color? No way; those factors are too open ended. Comedy duo Smosh knows there are better ways to test the merits of food. Does it make a good pogo stick? Is it an effective oven mitt? Can it be used to rob a defenseless person? Find out who the champion is in the video, Food Battle 2007. [Caution: This video may not be safe to watch if you're offended by idiocy. Otherwise, it's kind of awesome.]... More

Food Network, Take Note!

Check out this hilarious British (I suspect) pancake-making tutorial. I especially like the spazzy techno beats, whisk attitude, and stop-action animation pancake consumption. Oh, and someone does the moonwalk! YouTube has more pancake videos here. Thanks to Tim for the tip!... More

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