'Year of the Pig' on Serious Eats

Get Those Little Pork Buns Baking!

SF Gate's Jeff Yang and his wife are trying to have a second child, so they're thinking about fertility and reproduction all the time, but "nothing prepared us for what we've dealt with since the coming of Lunar New Year: a nonstop barrage of stories about the fact that giving birth to a child this year, the year of the so-called "Golden Pig," is like hitting the astrological Lotto. Golden Piglets are destined for fortune and prosperity, because pigs are a symbol of wealth, and the "golden" designation puts lipstick on this pig, or makes a silk purse out of a sow's ear, or, well, insert your preferred porcine pun here. And because of that promise, Chinese, Korean and... More

Year of the Pig Bento

Cooking Cute made this amazing Year of the Pig bento the other day: "salmon-rice sushi shaped like little piggies, hotdog flowers with carrot-star centers, kamaboko fans, tricolor swirled sushi made from three flavors of sticky rice, sweet sticky rice flowers, pig-shaped spam nigiri, and a pig-shaped egg." Someone please make me one of these for lunch today? Thanks!... More

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