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For Your Weekend Dance Party, Milk and Cookies

Robyn Lee Post a comment

Turn up the volume and CLICK HERE! (The song is "Milk & Cookies" by the Buckwheat Boyz.) Related Pillowy Mounds of Mashed Potatoes... More

ORLY Chocolate Bar

Robyn Lee 2 comments

Photograph from rahims on Flickr This chocolate bar was so close to being the chocolate bar of my Internet meme dreams; it just needs a space between the "O" and the "RLY." If the word "ORLY" reminds you of an airport in Paris and not a snowy owl, then you are safely beyond the grasp of the Internet's attempt to destroy your brain. Not in this category: ytmnd's many ORLY chocolate homages (warning: annoying music automatically plays).. [via Neatorama]... More

Pillowy Mounds of Mashed Potatoes

Raphael 1 comment

Only YTMND could make this work: a bizarre electro remix of the Fresh Prince's Uncle Phil musing about pillowy mounds of mashed potatoes. [via Josh McHugh]... More

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