'Willie Mae's Scotch House' on Serious Eats

Will New Orleans Critic Brett Anderson Go Easy on the Big Easy Restaurants? Nope!

Photos from some of my recent trips to New Orleans. My friend Brett Anderson has just resumed reviewing restaurants in the New Orleans Times-Picayune for the first time since Katrina struck, according to the New York Times. He reviewed the classic New Orleans restaurant Mr. B's Bistro in his typically straightforward, clear-eyed fashion. Anderson lauded what he found delicious (barbecued shrimp) and fairly criticized what he found wanting (fried catfish). In other words he did what a good restaurant critic does. This is good news for Serious Eaters everywhere, who shouldn't need anymore reasons to visit the Big Easy to do some serious eatin'. When I last visited Brett in April he was already in reviewer mode, directing our... More

The Best Fried Chicken in New Orleans (In More Ways Than One)

Kim Severson's remarkable blog post on legendary New Orleans chefs Leah Chase and Willie Mae Seaton's fried chicken should be required reading and viewing for anyone who cares about fried chicken and life. Kim's resonant conclusion: So the serious student of food might ask how the two plates of food compared.Mrs. Chase dips her chicken in an egg and milk wash, then flour. The Willie Mae method involves a wet batter that Mrs. Seaton famously kept secret. So they are two distinctly different animals. Mrs. Chase puts out chicken that is extra crunchy, substantial and holds less oil than Willie Mae’s. But Willie Mae’s has a lacey crust so thin it shatters. It barely contains the hot chicken juice.But really,... More

Did Leah Chase Do the Right Thing? Cast Your Vote Here!

Sometimes, for all the bloviating that goes on in the blogosphere, interesting, provocative stories still go relatively unnoticed. It happened last week when Kim Severson reported on the meal President Bush had in New Orleans at Dooky Chase, the legendary Creole restaurant run by Leah Chase, the 84-year-old "Queen of Creole Cuisine." According to Severson, some people in New Orleans and out took Chase to task for hosting the president for dinner and a photo op. Her crime: By agreeing to host the president, Chase was seen as somehow legitimizing and sanctioning the Bush administration's feeble efforts to rebuild New Orleans. What hogwash!... More

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