'Will Ferrell' on Serious Eats

In Videos: Crepes in 'Talladega Nights'

Sacha Baron Cohen as a French race car driver challenges Will Ferrell in the comedy Talladega Nights in the worst way imaginable: by making him say, "I love crepes," in exchange for not breaking his arm. Although Ferrell initially doesn't know what crepes are, he doesn't want to cave in even after realizing that crepes are just really thin pancakes and that he actually likes them. Watch the clip, after the jump.... More

Super Bowl: Food Commercials Wrapup

The Super Bowl is about so much more than football. It's also about commercialism! After the jump watch six examples of food-related commercials from yesterday's Super Bowl that range from "funny and witty" to, "That was kind of horrible, why did I sit through that?" Check out more Super Bowl ads at myspace.com.... More

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