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Food Network's New Wii Video Game

Food Network is releasing a new video game, Cook or Be Cooked, which will hit stores on November 3. With more than 30 recipes developed by the expert chefs of the Food Network Kitchens, the game delivers a truly authentic food experience from prep to plate. Throughout the game, players receive tips, feedback and reviews from Food Network's Vice President of Marketing and The Next Food Network Star judge, Susie Fogelson, and Food Network Kitchens chef Mory Thomas. Personally, my favorite video game cuisine is still the red-and-white-spotted mushroom power-ups in Mario Brothers. Watch a preview of the video game, after the jump.... More

In Videos: Wii Breakfast Videogame Parody

Recreate your morning breakfast ritual without any of the mess by playing Wii Breakfast, the fast paced game where burnt toast, soggy cereal, and improperly cooked sausages result in failure. British comedy group Idiots of Ants shows you how to play the game. Watch the video after the jump.... More

Mega Man 'E' Energy Tanks Are Now Real: In Energy Drink Form

Image from news.dengeki.com To help promote the video game Mega Man 9 (or Rockman 9 in Japan)—the latest edition in the Mega Man series—a special energy drink will be released this month in Japan. The Rockman E-Tank Sports Drink pays homage to the E-Tanks used to refill your energy bar in the game. The drink will retail for 137 yen (or $1.25 in U.S. dollars). The new game, in all its retro 8-bit glory, will be released on Playstation 3 (on the Playstation network), Xbox 360 (on Xbox Live Arcade), and Nintendo Wii (on WiiWare). Watch the game trailer after the jump. [via Kotaku]... More

'Major League Eating: The Game' Has Secret, Unlockable Kodiak Bear Character

Major League Eating: The Game for Nintendo's WiiWare has an awesome unlockable character: the Alaskan Crusher, a Kodiak bear. The bear is based on a 2003 Fox special where major league eating champ Takeru Kobayashi was soundly defeated by a Kodiak bear in a televised head-to-head eating competition. Here's video footage of the virtual bear. [Via Eatfeats] Previously 'Major League Eating: The Game' Released on Nintendo's Wii Ware Photo Gallery: Competitive Eating Stars Battling at Nintendo World Store... More

'Cooking Mama: World Kitchen' Preview

Judging from the video after the jump below, it looks like Cooking Mama: World Kitchen for the Nintendo Wii, is going to be a much-improved version of the original game, Cooking Mama: Cook Off. The video is a developer walk-through, and it seems like the game's creators were very much aware of the difficulties of the original Cooking Mama's game-play mechanics, which made it so frustrating as to be almost unplayable. The new version features three-dimensional characters instead of disembodied hands, fun-looking mini games, and a super-cute feature where Cooking Mama grabs your character to prevent you from adding the wrong ingredient at the wrong time. Video after the jump.... More

An Open Challenge to Food Blogs on 'Major League Eating: The Game'

Major League Eating: The Game is out! And we're making an open call, a challenge to other food blogs out there—we're looking specifically at group endeavors like you, Grub Street, Eater (and your regional variants), Slashfood, and The Kitchn. We dare you to throw down against the virtual eating skills of the Serious Eats crew, so bring it! Your place or ours—or even online. Stick a fork in it—you're done! Lack of response will be seen as cession of the Scarf Scepter to us.... More

'Major League Eating: The Game' Released on Nintendo's Wii Ware

Today, July 14, 2008, marks a momentous occasion in the history of virtual gluttony: the release of Major League Eating: The Game on Nintendo's Wii Ware service, a game which we've tracked extensively. The game is for one or two players, with the killer feature of online play and leaderboards. Requiring players to "master a smorgasbord of offensive and defensive weapons including bites, burps, belches, mustard gas, and jalapeño flames while cramming and chewing food at a world-class pace," the game is officially sanctioned by Major League Eating, the sporting league that oversees all professional competitive-eating events, including the Nathan's Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest. The game will "simulate the fast and furious action of a professional... More

WiiWare 'Beer Pong' Game, Now Minus the Beer

Connecticut attorney general Richard Blumenthal didn't think minors should play WiiWare's soon-to-be-released Beer Pong, even if the beer was just virtual. Inspired by the popular frat drinking sport, the video game originally earned a T-rating (for teens), regardless of blatant alcohol references. In response to Blumenthal, the game's publisher JV Games cut the booze and will instead release Pong Toss, a "cleaner" E-rated version (for everyone). Presumably, water fills these red plastic cups, not Natty Light, and the players launching virtual ping-pong balls aren't actually pledging a Dartmouth frat (where the tradition allegedly started). With or without the "beer" preface, "pong" still gets the point across. Should Pong Toss still get an E-rating? (Won't someone think of the children?)... More

Wii Cooking Mama Back, Now With 3D Graphics

Mama will no longer cut her lemons and slice her steak on a flat plate. She's getting 3D-ified, not to mention a cuter canine sous chef. According to WiiFanBoy, Cooking Mama: World Tour, the updated version of Cooking Mama: Cook Off, will be released this holiday season with new recipes, a Wii remote feature with cooking and chopping simulations and, most exciting of all, mistake-induced "minigames." That's right: Ma's rewarding you for kitchen faux pas. Flip a burger too high, for example, and she'll rush over to save the patty in her apron pouch. More in this Majesco Entertainment press release. Related Introducing Cooking Mama on Nintendo DS... More

Still Waiting on 'Major League Eating: The Game'

WiiWare games get released Monday mornings, and every Monday, like a good boy, I check to see if Major League Eating: The Game is going to be available to download. And every week, I'm disappointed. Rumor had it that the game was going to be released in time for the Annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest on July 4th, but this week only Magnetica Twist was released. Here's hoping that next week, on July 7th, we'll be able to get our virtual gluttony on. Previously: Serious Eats' coverage of Major League Eating: The Game... More

'Hell's Kitchen,' The Game: A Review

In the game, you're put in charge of Hell's Kitchen restaurant. You progress through five weeks as you rank up from dishwasher to senior chef. You are both cooking in the kitchen and serving people in the dining area. This leads to a hectic experience, as cooking gets more complicated and more and more people eat at the restaurant. More

In Videos: 'Dishwashing Champion' Wii Commercial Parody by Comedy Gumbo

For all you people who are burdened by the convenience of dishwashers, your luck has finally come. Relive the fun and adventure of washing dishes by hand by playing Dishwasher Champion for the Wii game console! Travel to exotic, far off places while rubbing your plates to a beautiful, spotless shine. Just don't break any dishes, or else the world will explode. Watch the parody commercial, after the jump.... More

In Videos: The Chief Cook Robot Learns How to Make a Ham and Cheese Omelet

The Learning Algorithms and Systems Laboratory in Lausanne, Switzerland has adapted Fujitsu's HOAP-3 robot into the Chief Cook Robot. Capable of learning recipes and techniques, a Nintendo Wii remote is used to guide the teaching scenario and the answer the robot's questions. Check out the video, where the robot learns how to whip eggs, grate cheese, and slice ham for the omelet.... More

Photo Gallery: Competitive Eating Stars Battling at Nintendo World Store

Photographs by Gordon Mark Serious Eats intern Gordon Mark went to the Nintendo World Store at Rockefeller Center in Manhattan today for the promotional release of Major League Eating: The Game, coming soon for the Nintendo Wii, a game which we've reported extensively on. Gordon was also there to watch Tim "Eater X" Janus and "Crazy Legs" Conti challenge each other in eating real and virtual watermelon. To the tune of The Who's "Baba O'Riley" (aka "Teenage Wasteland"), Crazy Legs won the six-minute meat-space competition 15 wedges to 15 wedges and one bite. Later, Eater X won the virtual competition because the Crazy Legs character threw up inside the game, an automatic disqualification. More pictures after the jump.... More

Major League Eating: The Videogame

Editor's note: In early March we first told you about the release of Major League Eating, the videogame. Last week, we asked our friend Ben Brown, the internet rockstar, if he'd attend the press event for us in San Francisco to check out the game. —Adam K. Tim Janus is a world champion competitive eater. His professional name is "Eater X," and he paints his face like a super hero when he appears at public "gurgitation events." You may also know him as the man who spearheaded the "alternative beverage movement" within the competitive eating community (using lemonade instead of water as a hot dog chaser). And now, thanks to a new videogame coming out in May for the Nintendo... More

Video Trailer for 'Major League Eating: The Game'

The trailer for the upcoming release of 'Major League Eating: The Game' looks like it might have potential, especially considering online play and leaderboards. The newly released website for the game does indeed confirm our suspicions that you can play as your favorite competitive eater, including Joey Chestnut or Takeru Kobayashi. The virtual gluttony is set as an online purchase through Nintendo's upcoming WiiWare service on May 12th. Check out the video after the jump.... More

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