'Where the Wild Things Are' on Serious Eats

Where the Wild Fruits Are

[Image: weloveyouso.com] In anticipation of the new Spike Jonze adaptation of the kids' lit classic Where the Wild Things Are, 29-year-old Brazilian artist Vanessa Dualib recreated the book's cover with kiwi, mango, anise, and, yes, that would be mozzarella for Max's wolf suit. Dualib is a very accomplished player-with-food. You can check out her other artwork, including an eggplant orca whale and prosciutto teepees, in her Flickr album ρLªYinG ωiTh mŸ fOoD. Related In Videos: Trailer for 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs' Serious Eats Gift Guide: Books For Young Foodies Meatastic Children's Book Illustration... More

Photo of the Day: 'Where the Wild Things Are' Cake

In anticipation of Where the Wild Things Are, the Spike Jonze-directed film adapting Maurice Sendak's children's book that will be released in theaters this October, this cake honors Moishe, the yellow-eyed monster from the story. Coco Cake Boutique in Vancouver baked the chocolate base and topped it with peppermint buttercream and fondant. Otherwise, it's just another cute cake with a face on it. [via We Love You So] Related Ace of Cakes' 'Lost' Cake Photo of the Day: Panda Head Cake [SENY] In Videos: Trailer for 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs'... More

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