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Fast Food: Breakfast at Whataburger (or, 'Whatabreakfast')

It's hard for me to call Whataburger's breakfast anything but "Whatabreakfast"; really, why don't they market it as that? The burger chain is wildly popular in Texas, and just about every friend I asked before my week-long trip there told me to stop in. But my buddy Dave Blend (an editor at Thrilllist) went one step further, sining the praises of their breakfast menu. In a smart recognition of when you actually want to be eating piles of bacon and cheesy eggs, you can get breakfast at Whataburger from 11pm to 11am. None of this McDonald's 10:30 bullshit. More

NYC Link Roundup

Good question: Why are New Yorkers continually getting shafted when it comes to enjoying the best Goddamn burgers in the world? And according to Larry at blog thisiswhatwedonow.com, the "best Goddamn burgers" are Whataburger and In-N-Out. The nearest Whataburger: 13880... More

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