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Hot Dog of the Week: Jimmy John's

A sad week in hot dog news indeed. Jimmy John's Piping Hot Sandwiches of West Chester, Pennsylvania, one of the oldest hamburger and hot dog stands in the area, was gutted by a fire last Saturday on the morning of their 70th anniversary, due to a propane explosion as the kitchen was gearing up to sell 70-cent hot dogs all day. Jimmy John's was known for their "old-fashioned special frankfurters"—a Dietz & Watson natural casing, short and stout dog almost similar in size to a Zwiegle's frank. Very unique, especially for the Philadelphia area. And I'm kicking myself for never getting out there. More

In Videos: Package of Bacon Forces Evacuation of Boehner's Office

As LunaPierCook points out in SE Talk, the local offices of Congressional Representative John Boehner (R-Ohio) were evacuated yesterday after a suspicious package of bacon arrived there. Authorities think it was sent by a constituent upset that the congressman voted for the $700 billion bailout package on Capitol Hill last week. Pork, get it? Sounds like a waste of bacon to us. Thanks for the link, LPC! Here's some video, after the jump.... More

Walter's Hot Dogs

You usually see Nick "Beef Aficionado" Solares in this space talking about burgers, but today, it's hot dogs. Hot diggedty! —Ed. Peter Fellows is far too modest to actually make the claim that Walter's Hot Dogs are the best in... More

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