'West Pawlet' on Serious Eats

Consider Bardwell Farm in West Pawlet, Vermont

Here in the northeast, we are lucky enough to have access to some of the best artisan cheeses made in America. Sure Wisconsin and California have us beat on sheer volume, but cheesemakers in Vermont, New York, Connecticut, and elsewhere are definitely holding their own. One such relative newcomer is Consider Bardwell Farm, the West Pawlet-based brainchild of Russell Glover and Angela Miller. Along with cheesemaker Peter Dixon, they are making some of the best American artisan cheeses available. The farm makes several goat cheeses using milk from their herd of Oberhasli goats, a Swiss dairy breed. The goats are allowed to graze rotationally on pesticide-free grasses, a process in which the animals are only given access to grasses that... More

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