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On The Importance Of Fresh Pizza: Zuppardi's Apizza

As with any road trip, the all-important matter of lunch came up first. Even before we started discussing it, I was pretty sure where Ed was going to lead us. See, both he and Connecticut Slice correspondent Amy Kundrat have waxed poetic about what is supposedly the "best clam pizza on the planet" (according to Ed). As a kid who pretty much grew up eating clam pizzas in New Haven and beyond, this, I had to taste. More

Zuppardi's Apizza, West Haven CT: The Best Clam Pizza I've Ever Had

When we just couldn't eat any more, I told one of the guys behind the counter that the clam pie was amazing because it appeared to be made from freshly shucked clams. His reply: "I hope it tastes like freshly shucked clams because that's exactly what was on the pizza. Why do you think it took so long for your clam pie? We shucked every one of the clams after you ordered your pizza." More

From the Field: Zuppardi's Apizza

Just got the following email, with the photo at left, from homeslice Philip G.: "I'm inside this place right now.... Will report back." Fifteen minutes later the photo at right zooms through with the following message: "Typical (and amazing) [New Haven] apizza. Its like Pepe's, minus the shitty wait times." (A photo of Zuppardi's interior follows after the jump.) Philip G. has provided numerous tips, so much so that I'm going to nickname him "PG Tips." (The Brits and Anglophiles among you will get that.) Zuppardi's Apizza Address: 179 Union Avenue, West Haven CT 06516 Phone: 203-934-1949... More

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