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Hot Dog of the Week: Half-Smoke

"No matter if you wait in line at Ben's or just grab a half-smoke from a street cart, it would be a shame to visit D.C. without tasting one." [Art and photographs: Hawk Krall] The half-smoke is Washington D.C.'s signature street food, but nearly impossible to find outside of the D.C. area. By some definitions, it's not technically a hot dog. Otherwise, it has all the traits of a historically significant, regional variation of tubular meat on a bun. It involves a mildly smoked, natural casing beef and pork sausage. The meat is coarsely ground and spicier than a standard frankfurter. At Ben's Chili Bowl, a D.C. landmark and the most well-known place for a half-smoke, they are grilled on... More

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