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Poll: Pickled Peppers, Way or No Way?

Pickled peppers on pizza can be a revelation for the pepper loving pie eater. I only started working them into my rotation fairly recently (within the last two years), and let me tell you, the vinegar-y heat of a pickled hot cherry pepper when paired with a nice Italian sausage is pretty unbeatable. But I can remember a time when, in my mind, pickled peppers had no place on a pizza. They were better relegated to their cardboard cutout corner in Papa John's pizza boxes. So what do you say, way or no way? More

Poll: Eggplant on Pizza, Way or No Way?

Eggplants are controversial, perhaps nowhere more so than when sitting atop a slice of pie. Lovers of the eggplant find the velvety texture irresistible, especially when it comes with a crunchy coating. But those that loathe the aubergine can name no greater culinary transgression than a pizza tainted by the mushy nightshade. More

Poll: Ranch Dressing on Pizza - Way or No Way?

It started off innocently enough, a little dressing drenched leaf of lettuce making its way onto a slice on a shared plate. Then hey, why not dip the crust in it?. Before you know it ranch dressing topped pies started elbowing their way into specialty slice shops. But now ranch has gained such a strong foothold in the topping department that it's made its way onto the chain menus*, usually serving as an accompaniment to chicken. It has taken whole areas of the country by storm (I'm looking at you Texas ... and Michigan). So, Slice people, what's your position on ranch dressing edging its way into the topping/saucing class? More

Poll: Tomatoes as a Topping - Way or No Way?

An Italian friend of mine scoffed at the notion of using tomatoes as a pizza topping (unless they are cherry tomatoes and added at the end, in the manner of basil and arugula). Maybe it's a Venetian bias, or the addition of tomatoes as a cooked topping is truly a foreign abomination, but either way it seems controversial. So where do you stand on tomatoes as a topping? More

Poll: Truffle Oil on Pizza - Way or No Way?

[Photograph: Robyn Lee] In an epic Serious Eats rant this spring, Kenji took truffle oil to task and named pizza as one of the greatest remaining victims of the stuff. What say you: Does truffle oil increase or decrease pizza's appeal? Truffle oil: way or no way?online surveys... More

Poll: Kids In High-End Restaurants: Way or No Way?

This weekend in the New York Times, Shivani Vora wrote about taking her child out to eat, having discovered that many high-end restaurants go out of their way to cater to the highchair set. But it's one thing to wheel the stroller into a pizza parlor; it's another to expect youngsters to behave properly at a formal restaurant. What do you think? Should parents bring their kids to fine-dining restaurants? More

'Slice' Poll: Dessert Pizza - Way or No Way?

You've already done the main show — either pizza or some other entrée — and now the restaurant you're eating at offers dessert pizza. It might be a bready crust topped with chocolate sauce and bananas, peanut butter, or marshmallows (à la Max Brenner). It might be in the form of a calzone (like at Toby's Public House in Brooklyn) or maybe it's a fruit pizza. Whatever configuration you've seen it in, it's now in the form of a poll here on Slice: Dessert pizza — way or no way? » More

'Slice' Poll: Chicken Pizza - Way or No Way?

Time was when I was more of a pizza purist that I'd dismiss chicken on a pizza out of hand. But when even the certifiably old-school Bronx joint Louie & Ernie's has had to offer chicken topping as tastes change, well, that made me reassess things. Add to that the fact that Ed Levine (Mr. "Slice of Heaven" himself) recently mentioned that his son has turned him on to chicken pizza, and that seals it for this week's Slice poll: Chicken pizza — way or no way? More

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