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Seattle Cheap Eats: 10 Great Dishes Under $10

Cheap eats in Seattle run from one end of the food spectrum to the other, from the elegance and indulgence of lunch at Le Pichet to the sheer amount of amazing food at El Paisano, each checking in at under $10 a meal. So where do you go in Seattle when your budget is tight? Here are our top ten picks. More

The Ultimate Oyster Experience on the 'Oyster Bus' in Seattle

At the risk of sounding like someone who just woke up from an amazing first date, it's difficult to imagine how any oyster-eating experience could improve upon the Walrus and Carpenter Low Tide Picnic (a riff on this Lewis Carroll poem. An empty beach, a 'sulkily shining' moon, such quantities of sand, and yes, that briny beach, make for a magical evening recreated for oyster enthusiasts by seafood guru Jon Rowley and Taylor Shellfish Farms. More

Gung-Ho About Taiwanese Breakfast? Try Kung-Ho, Near Seattle

If you didn't know to ask, chances are you'd never see the breakfast menu at Kung-Ho, in Bellevue, WA. It's a menu worth requesting, though given the reasonably low prices, more intrepid diners can always just randomly select a number of items and have a good chance of enjoying most everything. But let me steer you to a few of my personal favorites (and where to point should you decide to give them a try). More

Brewery to Watch: Propolis Brewing, Port Townsend, WA

"We'd like to see interest in herbal brewing expand, but we don't want to put ourselves in that category," says Robert Horner of Propolis Brewing. "So much of what we're doing is influenced by place, French-Belgian brewing, the countryside, old England, Old World. Our ales, they're herbal, but they have a lot more in common with a Westmalle or Dupont than most of the gruits on market." More

Where the Locals Eat: 5 Great Spots for Seafood in Seattle, WA

The thing about great seafood in Seattle is it's everywhere. But that place out-of-towners dream of, where they sit in a nautically-themed restaurant and order a simple grilled salmon entrée while gazing out over Puget Sound? It exists mainly in the tourist corridor, where fulfilling that fantasy is far more important than serving up the finest Dungeness crab, freshly-shucked oysters, over-sized geoduck, or shockingly-sweet spot prawns. So where to go for the good stuff? Here's where the locals eat their seafood. More

Eat This Now: Pasta From Il Corvo Pasta in Seattle

I'm a huge fan of specialized restaurants. Gimme a burger joint that makes just one perfect burger over an overwrought chain with hundreds of (often mediocre) options any day. When a shop specializes in something, it can mean one of two things: either (a) the chef is so terrible a cook that they can't possible come up with more than one dish, or b) the chef is a loon obsessed with perfecting the minutia of his craft on a level that can only be described as crazy. Il Corvo Pasta is the latter, in the best possible way. More

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