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WTF: Lotteria's Ramen Burger Topped with 10 Extra Ramen Servings

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 5 comments

Behold the latest fast food burger tower monstrosity from Japanese blog RocketNews24: Lotteria's new Ramen Burger topped with 10 extra servings of ramen. More

WTF: Burger King Bakuoni Burger Topped With 100 Slices of Grilled Onion

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 8 comments

From the people who brought you a Whopper topped with 1,000 slices of cheese and a Whopper topped with 1,050 strips of bacon comes this burger topped with 100 slices of grilled onion. More

WTF: A Whopper Topped with 1,000 Slices of Cheese

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 21 comments

From the people who brought you the Whopper topped with 1,050 strips of bacon, jello made of McDonald's burgers, and a Big Mac meal heated in a rice cooker comes a Whopper topped with 1,000 slices of cheese (aka, a bloated tower of cheese slices with Whopper ingredients on top and somewhere underneath). More

Watch 'Pizza Boomerang.' There Simply Are No Words to Describe This. No Words, My Friends

Slice Adam Kuban 16 comments

This video is INSANE. There are no words to describe it, people. No words. IT MAKES NO SENSE. Possibly NSFW — a man's willy gets chopped off. (See? It MAKES NO SENSE.) [via ☆jcn via @jfeldmar]


Photo of the Day: Lobster Dog

Erin Zimmer 30 comments

File this under holy-what-the-you've-got-to-be-kidding. The Lobster Dog. We've been all hung up on lobster rolls lately, but really? Isn't this going too far? Is mating with a hot dog really making the situation better? Whether horrifying or amazing, the Lobster Dog is sure a site to behold. More

Di Fara Taking Pizza Orders via Facebook

Slice Adam Kuban 10 comments

On Di Fara's Facebook page, someone asks: "Can we place orders via facebook???" To which the Di Fara page improbably answers: "I do not mind at all allowing orders to be placed via facebook. the only issue is I only check in to facebook a certain time of day and if its not placed within that window of time , I may miss it ...happens often ! if you know a day or two in advance that you intend to come in, that is always helpful ..." More

Coffee Chronicles: WTF is Brewing In Fort Greene

Drinks Liz Clayton 7 comments

Let's be honest: who hasn't wanted a deliciously crafted cup of coffee while stopping for a pair of designer sneakers on their way to the dog run? Dynamic Fort Greene entrepreneur Asio Highsmith (who owned posh speakeasy the Hideout on Adelphi, and who currently owns fancy footwear store Pedigree next door) has deployed such a high-concept, minimal coffeebar on Fort Greene that passersby might wonder: WTF? More

California Mayor Charged with Stealing Industrial Mixer for Homemade Pizza

Slice Adam Kuban 21 comments

Sounds like this guy is a real pizza obsessive. From the L.A. Times: "Hawthorne Mayor Larry Guidi, who had led the city for nearly two decades, was charged Tuesday in connection with stealing a commercial food mixer from the local school district because he allegedly needed more dough for his home pizza oven." We'd reach out to him for a Q&A for My Pizza Oven, but somehow I don't think he'd grant our request. [via Eater] More

In Philadelphia, a Pizzazz Pizza Is Topped with American Cheese

Slice Adam Kuban 22 comments

Philadelphia City Paper's Drew Lazor does a roundup of Philly pizza styles. Among them, The Pizzazz (left), which "is topped with slices of tomato and the spicy yellow jarred peppers you get on hoagies. The cheese? American." More

WTF: Chris Bianco to Costar on 'Bizarre Foods'????

Slice Adam Kuban 1 comment

From Andrew Zimmern's blog: Chris Bianco, my good friend and soon to be co-star on Bizarre Foods of Arizona coming your way in April/May, is also taking a leave...but the pizzeria is still open. W. T. F.? [via Landry]... More

More from Anselmo's Owner on Red Hook Pizzeria's Demise

Slice Adam Kuban 5 comments

[Photograph: Adam Kuban] Wow. Just wow. As you may know, Anselmo's closed at the end of 2009, announcing the news on its website. While the original announcement remains, one of the partners added more detail--probably more detail than he should have, because he ended up deleting much of it. Luckily, the blog I Dream of Pizza has captured for posterity the full text of the addendum. Here's a snip: My landlady is telling the people of Red Hook that i have been in prison and jail. She's right. I was in prison for manufacturing explosives. It's public record and... More

K.C. Pit Master Making Smoked Pizza

Slice Adam Kuban 2 comments

The Wilmington Star News reports on a recent WTF pizza moment at the Currituck BBQ Classic in Corolla, North Carolina: When I heard [Chris] Marks say that at the recent Currituck BBQ Classic in Corolla, I thought, "He's smoking something." But Marks was serious. The owner of Kansas City's Three Little Pigs BBQ & Catering told me he simply places rolled-out pizza crust directly on the smoker grate, adds sauce, cheese and toppings and then bakes the pizza for about 45 minutes at about 275 degrees. The crust, he says, comes out cracker crisp, the pie smoky and flavorful. Related... More

Dance Your Ass Off, Chairman

Adam Kuban 6 comments

Mark Decascos, better known to foodos as Iron Chef America's Chairman, will be among the male celeb contestants on the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars, premiering September 21 on ABC. [via Eat Me Daily]... More

Two Idiot Domino's Employees Do Nasty Things to Food, Upload Videos, Get Fired

Slice Adam Kuban 14 comments

See the videos, at Consumerist. Wow. I love how quickly this went down. Last night, at 7:26 p.m., Consumerist posted videos that some dumbass Domino's employees had taken showing one of them doing disgusting things with food that was presumably sent out to customers--putting banana peppers up his nose and then on a sandwich, sneezing on cheesy bread. Consumerist readers, using the YouTube account handle and the few identifiable details they could see in the videos, tracked down the Domino's location this occurred in and alerted Domino's corporate. By 10:26 a.m. this morning came word from Domino's HQ that... More


A Hamburger Today Adam Kuban 2 comments

Disney Eggs Are Completely Pointless But Kids Will Probably Want Them

Robyn Lee 7 comments

Nothing is safe from Disney's grasp: Disney Farm Fresh Eggs are eggs with drawings of Disney characters' heads printed on them. That's it. Crack the egg and the Disney fun is gone, unless you have a Mickey-shaped egg mold, in which case you can use that to stretch the Disney theme and fry an egg that will barely resemble the plastic-looking one in the commercial. StitchKingdom.com points out that Japan has been sticking Mickey's head onto eggs for years, not that that makes it any less pointless. Not sure what the manufacturer's price is, but if you do find yourself addicted to eggs decorated with images of Mickey and friends, you can buy loads of coupons on eBay. Save... More

WTF? Village Bakery Selling 'Drunken Negro Head' Pastry

New York Adam Kuban 4 comments

Gothamist: "Ted Kefalinos, proprietor of Lafayette French Pastry, asked her, 'Would you like some drunken negro heads to go with your coffee?'"... More

Observer Top Ten Wine Bar List: Maybe They Were Too Drunk To Get It Right

New York Ed Levine 3 comments

Terroir As many serious eaters (and the good folks at Eater as well) have noticed I love top ten lists. But only if they bear some semblance to reality, or at the very least can be easily defended or justified.... More

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