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Video: Jeffrey Steingarten Interviews Nora Ephron (Sort Of)

When Julie & Julia writer-director Nora Ephron invites Vogue food writer Jeffrey Steingarten to her house to cook, we knew there was bound to be some interesting exchanges between these two scary smart, unintimidatable, and most formidable serious eaters. Jeffrey doesn't appear as engaged as he does on Iron Chef America, but that could be the editing—or maybe not. The video itself is not as interesting as Jeffrey's article about Nora and the movie, which appears in the August issue of Vogue (unavailable online, of course). The most interesting revelation is in the first sentence of the second paragraph of the piece: "For nearly as long as I can remember, I have envied Nora Ephron." He goes on to... More

Jeffrey's World: Hiring a Personal Chef, Bonus Material

For the March issue of Vogue, the magazine's food critic, Jeffrey Steingarten, employs a personal chef for two weeks, documenting the experience in his column. In this video microseries, we go behind the scenes in Steingarten's kitchen as he hires chef Paul Liebrandt. Today: In Part 4, Steingarten & Co. break bread with Liebrandt. And, in a new outtake, Liebrandt dishes on working for Jeffrey. More

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