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The Great Slice Drought of Los Angeles is Over Thanks to Vito's Pizza

Slice Lance Roberts 35 comments

L.A. has picked its game up when it comes to gourmet pizza, but its still lacking in authentic New York style. Fortunately for Angelenos, Vito's Pizza has come to the rescue...via New Jersey. More

Daily Slice: Vito's Pizza, Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Slice Caroline Russock 5 comments

Behind the counter there were all sorts of Philly-Jersey standards like cheesesteak slices and chicken parm slices but it was a Sausage Slice ($2.50) that got me excited. Instead of unrecognizable and unremarkable crumbles of so-called sausage or desiccated jerky-like rounds, this slice was topped with thin, oblong slices of what was very obviously good Italian sausage complete with visible flecks of fennel and black pepper. More

Daily Slice: White Pesto at Vito's Pizza, Los Angeles

Slice Kelly Bone 7 comments

Driving past an endless row of strip malls on La Cienega, it takes a sharp eye to find Vito's Pizza. But it would be a shame to miss Vito and his New Jersey family recipes. The White Pesto slice ($4), topped with shredded mozzarella and dollops of ricotta, is drizzled with concentric circles of house-made pesto. More

L.A.'s Pizza Wars: Joe's vs. Vito's

Slice L.A. Pizza Maven 11 comments

Pizza wars, once confined to New York, now rage in Los Angeles. New York's dough-slinging gladiators, DeMarco, Grimaldi, and Mangieri, have their counterparts here in Joe and Vito, of their own respective eponymous pizzerias. L.A. food bloggers, like their New York brethren, get rather emotional over pizza, which strikes me as odd since I've yet to taste pizza in L.A. (except for Mozza) worth getting especially excited about. Nevertheless, on the web locally, and on Slice, pizza freaks have slammed Joe's for uncharred crust, insipid sauce, and unhelpful and discourteous service. One gourmand opined that Vito's "is genius ...... More

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