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Daily Slice: Vinny Vincenz, East Village

The Sicilian square is the way to go, and the counterman generously offered us a corner slice. Though it may look a little dark, the crust isn't bitter at all, just crisp and well seasoned on the outside, without getting tough. The interior is fluffy and warm, rich and comforting. This is a slice you want to eat on a cold day. More

A Sunday Night Slice Walk, a DJ Bubbles Drive-By

Or, 'A Plain Slice Review of Pizza 33, Mike's Pizza, Andiamo Pizzeria, Pizzanini, Ben's Pizzeria, and DeMarco's' View Larger Map This past Sunday, like so many of mine, was all about the pie. I started with a noon jaunt down to Luzzo's to reconfirm my love for the Naples-born Margherita DOC. However, as I was coming from uptown, I stumbled first upon good ol' Vinny Vincenz, as it's only one block north of Luzzo's on First Avenue. I had to at least stop in and grab one of Vin's excellent Sicilian slices, just to use it as a base case!... More

White Pie, White Heat: Vinny Vincenz

The editor & publisher of this site has been a bit neglectful of his first child as of late, paying more attention to his burger baby. As such, I've done a great disservice to Slice fans and to the site's staff members, one of whom, E-Rock, submitted this piece back when the first signs of warmth were hitting the city (and at a time when he had some weird fixation with X Files re-runs). Let this piece by E-Rock, then, signify a return to renewed posting vigor on Slice. WORDS BY E-ROCK .::. Ah, the first days of summer-esque heat... More

Vinny Vincenz: Open Late, Tastes Great

words and photographs by mara and eli, special to slice .::. While there is no shortage of late-night pizzerias, good ones are few and far between. But Vinny Vincenz is changing that. Vincenz offers real Sicilian pizza right off the L train—and as late as 4 a.m. Vincenz, born in Carroll Gardens and raised in Bensonhurst and Bay Ridge, has brought his Italian magic to the East Village, near the corner of 14th Street and First Avenue. Vincenz been working in New York City pizzerias from age 13. Now owner of his own pizzeria, open less than a year, he... More

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