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Sandwich a Day: Hoi An Meatball Sandwich at Out the Door, San Francisco

This almost-banh-mi has many of the same trappings as the popular Vietnamese sandwich we know and love. The juicy pork meatballs on this Hoi An Meatball Sandwich ($8.50) pack a lot of flavor. The meat has a pronounced porkiness as well as an unexpected crunch from diced jicama. The meatballs are simmered in tomato sauce which lends a little heat as well as the addictive stink of fish sauce. More

A Sandwich a Day: Pho Banh Mi at Nha Toi

Fred, the owner of Nha Toi in Williamsburg, always has something interesting going on in the kitchen. The consistent high point of his inventive banh mi menu is the phở banh mi, which replaces the ham, pork, pate and pickled vegetables of a traditional Vietnamese sandwich with ingredients from an equally classic Vietnamese soup. More

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