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Lunch in the Loop: More Than Just Sandwiches at Bánh Mì & Co.

Chicago Dennis Lee 5 comments

The Loop location is decorated like an amped up version of a Hollister store, with a kitschy beach shack feel to it. You have to see it to believe it—no, seriously, step in. It's kind of awesome. More

Good Phở and No Lines at Phở Tàu Bay in Uptown

Chicago Mike Gebert 4 comments

Why would you open yet another phở place there, at the very end of a strip full of phở places? Phở Tàu Bay has survived a year and more. And it's become a regular stop for me on Argyle, because it's easy. While people are lining up at Tank Noodle or one of the others, you can always get a seat. More

Rant: What The New York Times Doesn't Know About Bánh Mì

J. Kenji López-Alt 118 comments

Ok, so I'm gonna pull an Adam and pull out the Truth Hammer for this one. Pardon me as I sputter indignantly in public for a moment. Was anyone else flabbergasted at the appalling lack of reporting, knowledge, and taste displayed in New York Times writer Jordan Michelman's recent article about bánh mì modestly titled "Banh Mi In America"? Reading through it the other night, I was so shocked at the level of ignorance and the misinformation displayed that I was compelled to shoot off an email to Chichi, Robyn, and Tam just to vent. Never mind that his choices for best bánh mì in the country are... puzzling (you don't have to take my word for it: OC... More

Bánh Mì at Blind Tiger Ale House, Not Traditional but Delicious

New York Joe DiStefano 4 comments

I’m not quite sure which I like better—tasty craft and imported beers or delicious bánh mì. All I know is that two days after reading Julia Moskin’s Times article on bars with noteworthy food, I was at the Blind... More

Never Judge a Vietnamese Restaurant by Its Pho (At Least in Chicago)

Chicago Michael Nagrant 5 comments

Bad pho doesn't mean the rest of the menu isn't worth trying. Even though one burned down last week due to an unfortunate fire, it feels like there are almost more Vietnamese restaurants on or near Chicago's Argyle Street in... More

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