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We Try All the Vietnamese Snacks at Saigon Sandwiches in San Francisco

Every sandwich-loving San Franciscan knows that Saigon Sandwiches, located in the Little Saigon section of the Tenderloin, makes outstanding banh mi. Yet few customers direct their attention toward the display of Vietnamese snacks spread along the counter and stacked in the refrigerator—and that's a real shame, because Saigon Sandwiches has much more to offer than their namesake implies. More

A Sandwich a Day: Bánh Mì at Sao Mai

In a city full of many delicious foods, there is a bit of a shortage of truly excellent Vietnamese sandwiches. That' being said, New York isn't completely devoid of decent bánh mì, and the sandwiches we tried at Sao Mai were a sure indicator that we're moving in the right direction. More

Sao Mai, Reliably Delicious Vietnamese in the East Village

Sao Mai is my far and away my favorite Vietnamese restaurant within walking distance of my home, and it might be even be my favorite in Manhattan, period. Just like the best Vietnamese restaurants in Chinatown, Sao Mai has a no-frills, stripped-down dining room with brisk service that offers flavors that are bright and vibrant. With its arrival in the East Village, I have stopped heading down to Baxter Street to Nha Trang or New Pasteur (now Phó Pasteur) for my phó fix. More

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