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Our Favorite Drive-Thru Song Videos

A Hamburger Today Erin Jackson 3 comments

Take a look at some of our favorite drive-thru song videos, from a catchy pop tune at Burger King, to a rap at Wendy's. More

Video: Watch Amanda Seyfried's Dog Balance a Burger on 'Late Night'

A Hamburger Today Erin Jackson 4 comments

Amanda Seyfried recently appeared on 'Late Night' with her dog, an Australian shepherd named Finn. Skip to the 2:00 mark and watch as he performs a clever trick: balancing a burger on his head for what must have been an absolutely agonizing 14 seconds. Hey, that's longer than I could last. More

Video: A Pasta Story

Daniel Klein 7 comments

Franco Pedrini started growing biodynamic heirloom wheat back when 'heirloom' wasn't cool and 'biodynamic' was laughed at. For twenty years, he defied his neighbors and labored on his farm and pasta business with his wife and three sons. The resulting pastas are hearty and flavorful, not to mention easy on the gluten intolerant. You can't yet buy his San Cristoforo pasta in the US, but we hope this family's rich story will satiate your appetite. More

Video: Grass-Fed Beef Carpaccio

Daniel Klein 2 comments

We just got back from Italy where simplicity and seasonality are king and queen. Inspired, we filmed this little video about making beef carpaccio—the five-minute meal requires little more than good ingredients and good seasoning. More

Video: Chinese Food Burger on 'Epic Meal Time'

A Hamburger Today Erin Jackson 6 comments

Epic Meal Time's latest culinary creation is a 27,100-calorie burger with an orange beef patty and two giant egg rolls for buns. Care to see how this monstrosity comes together? The video is right this way. More

Video: 10 Things We Love About Italy

Daniel Klein 2 comments

We traveled across Italy to make this short film, seeking out our favorite foods (we know, mozzarella is missing). From Rome to Marche, and Tuscany to Veneto, we tasted some of the best of what Italy has to offer. The result is a four minute film that will make you hungry for Parmesan and prosciutto, pizza and pasta. More

The Interactive Big Mac Index, a Currency-Comparison Tool

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee Post a comment

The Big Mac Index isn't meant to be a serious currency-comparison tool, but if you're interested in comparing Big Mac prices around the world and how much those prices undervalue or overvalue a country's currency against another, check out The Economist's nifty interactive Big Mac Index, which was updated last week. More

Video: Making (and Messing up) Homemade Tofu

Daniel Klein 5 comments

We shared some our favorite moments from our culinary tour of China here on Serious Eats a couple months back. One of the biggest takeaways was how good fresh tofu can be; inspired by the grassy flavors and silken texture, we embarked on making our own. More

Video: How the Sausage Pizza is Made at Maria's Pizza in Milwaukee

Slice Adam Kuban 27 comments

Photographer and writer Michael Berman of Pizzacentric visits Maria's Pizza in Milwaukee and comes away with a great blog post and a video that sheds some light on the pizzamaking process there. (Not that it's a huge secret, since the kitchen is open to one and all who dine there.) Maria's is one of my all-time favorite pizzerias. Nice to see the Pizzacentric treatment of it. More

Video: The Future of Fish

Daniel Klein Post a comment

Veta La Palma is a fish farm that takes "sustainable" to a whole new level. Inspired by Dan Barber's TED talk on the subject, we made the trek out to the flooded wetlands of southern Spain one windy afternoon to learn about this alternative approach to growing fish. More

Video: The Importance of Being Basque

Daniel Klein Post a comment

It's a proud people who live and work on the green hills that straddle Spain and France, along the Bay of Biscay. Upon visiting the rich Basque culture, we spent a few days with a cider producer named Egoitz, and a Urtzi, a cheese maker, to learn what makes them tick. Enjoy the video. More

Video: 'That Sucks' by Jang Kiha and the Faces, a Music Video Full of Korean Food Porn

Robyn Lee 9 comments

This music video will make you hungry for Korean food. And then the ending will crush your soul. But until then, enjoy sexy close-up shots of steamed rice, a bubbling pot of stew, fried eggs, and more. More

WTF: Lotteria's Ramen Burger Topped with 10 Extra Ramen Servings

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 5 comments

Behold the latest fast food burger tower monstrosity from Japanese blog RocketNews24: Lotteria's new Ramen Burger topped with 10 extra servings of ramen. More

Video: This Cat Loves Ice Cream

Sweets Robyn Lee 12 comments

Don't let go of that ice cream cone, kitty. NEVER LET GO. More

Video: Season 2 Premiere of Top Chef Richard Blais's 'Burger Lab'

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 9 comments

The second season of Richard Blais's YouTube cooking show is starting with a New Orleans-inspired mash-up: the Spicy Po' Boy Muffaletta Burger. More

Video: 'American Burger', Upcoming Comedy Horror Movie from Sweden

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 4 comments

Dump a busload of American nerds, jocks, and cheerleaders in the middle of nowhere in Europe. What could possibly go wrong? Eh, they might get chased down by murderous butchers who want to use their flesh for burgers. More

Video: Fishing in Sri Lanka After the Tsunami

Daniel Klein Post a comment

If you drive down the southern coast of Sri Lanka, you may see fishermen sitting out on wooden, homemade poles about 100 yards off the shore. These are the stilt fishermen. Many of them lost family members to the tsunami of 2004, but they all make it back to the ocean each day to fish for their survival. Watch this heartbreaking and inspiring story. More

Video: A Dog Makes Food For Someone He Loves in the Animated Short 'Omelette'

Robyn Lee 4 comments

You will watch this animated short featuring a floppy blob of a dog making an omelette for its exhausted, depressed owner, and you will enjoy it. Thank you, Madeline Sharafian (a BFA2 character animator at CalArts) for these two-and-a-half minutes of heartswelling cuteness. More

Video: S'mores Burger on 'Epic Meal Time'

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 10 comments

In their latest video, Epic Meal Time stuffs a monstrous pile of a beef patty with chocolate bars and marshmallow cream, coat it with Nutella, top it with marshmallows and bacon, and sandwich everything between custom graham cracker sheets. More

Video: Eating the Coconut from Nose to Tail in Sri Lanka

Daniel Klein 2 comments

Without the coconut, things in Sri Lanka would be very different. Not only is it the main ingredient in most Sri Lankan dishes, but the entire coconut tree also plays a major role in the non-culinary ways of life. We spent the day with a family of eight on their coconut plantation outside Negombo, where they showed us all the coconut has to offer. We were delighted to eat it in rice, sambal, roti and all that contained this miraculous coconut. More

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