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Video: Making Chocolate, Changing Mexico

When we set off to film a story about Cacao in Mexico, we thought it might follow the usual how-to progression of growing cacao, fermenting the beans, toasting and grinding them, and finally making them into chocolate. What we found instead was a chocolate producer (Casa Tropical) and a cacao farmer (Doña Demetria of CASFA) with a shared passion, for not just the flavor and product, but the spirit behind the fruit and the trees. They opened up to us about this ancient food and the role it holds in Mexico's future. More

Watch Yiddish Banter and 100 Years of Herring in the Russ & Daughters Documentary Trailer

Russ & Daughters is an easy place to fetishize, but after 100 years and an estimated 1.8 million pounds of pickled herring, the store sure deserves it. Because Russ & Daughters does more than sell cured fish and anchor the Lower East Side's culinary history. As one commenter puts it in this trailer for the store's upcoming documentary Sturgeon Queens, "It feels like the kind of Judaism that I know." This is the Yiddishe gospel in action. More

Video: Oregano Farming in Mexico

Our journey to this story began with a phone call to Steve Sando, of Rancho Gordo. A few minutes into our chat, he told us about a rural community in Hidalgo, Mexico that was growing beautiful oregano in an effort maintain the life and vibrancy of the surrounding community. We were sold. More

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