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7 Great Places for Soft-Serve in NYC

If given a choice between soft-serve and regular ice cream, I'd take soft-serve in a second. I'm crazy for its airy-light texture, how it's always perfectly lick-off-the-cone-able. And New York happens to be an excellent place for soft-serve, ranging from treats as simple as Mr. Softee to as complex as coconut soy milk soft-serve or goat's milk orange blossom. Come see 7 of our favorites in the city! More

NYC's Best Ice Cream Neighborhood: A West Village Ice Cream Crawl

We have a working theory at Serious Eats that the West Village is the best single neighborhood in New York for ice cream and gelato. Between the phenomenal gelaterie Grom and L'Arte, the crazy goat's milk soft-serve at Victory Garden, and unbelievable ice cream, gelato, and soft-serve on restaurants' dessert menus, the West Village would be our choice for an ice cream crawl that covers barely more than a few blocks—but gets you some of the best frozen treats in the city. More

Following World War II Food Ration Rules in 2007

Livejournal user Peacock Harpy and her family have decided to spend the next month following the UK's World War II food rationing rules, using a set amount of products that were available during the war and cooking as many WWII recipes as possible. She's buying as much locally-grown produce as she can but also trying to grow vegetables at home in a Victory Garden, just as the public was encouraged to do back in the day. If you've read memoirs or historical novels set back then, or have talked to someone who lived through the rationing, you know that most people spent the entire war feeling hungry all the timeā€”and Peacock Harpy happens to be going through the hungriest... More

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