'Vice Magazine' on Serious Eats

Cooking with Blood

Vice Magazine enlists a Swedish friend to cook with blood: Whenever I say, “Eeeeeeeeew” from seeing the big, bloody boogers they try to pass off as food in the supermarkets, my Swedish friend Kristoffer gets all defensive and starts talking about how blood contains tons of iron and vitamins and that students eat it with noodles because it’s so cheap and nutritious. To prove a point, I decided to force him to actually cook the stuff. Related The Nasty Bits: Cooking with Cow's Tongue The Nasty Bits: Lamb's Neck Stew... More

Got Breast Milk?

Thus far a breast milk craze has not hit, but I am a little surprised. After all, it's the perfect organic, raw, and local food wrapped into one, neat, biodegradable package. And if you are going to drink milk, it's said to be better for you. Why is breast milk on my mind? Well, Vice magazine recently concocted a cupcake challenge [NSFW] using cow's milk and breast milk: After quietly chewing for a few minutes, he whispered, “I ... I can’t tell any difference at all." But we said, “No, you have to choose one.” So he held up the cupcake in his right hand and said, “This one is vaguely tastier.” And guess what, it was the boobcake!... More

Slice vs. Vice II: Grimaldi's Ain't That Old

On Wednesday, we had to bring out the truth hammer and give Vice magazine a knock to the skull with it for some wack stuff they'd written in their NYC pizza guide. Today, friend of Slice Scott "Pizza Tour" Wiener writes with this follow up: They say Grimaldi's has been one of the best for 1,000,000 years? I understand hyperbole, but it's a common misconception that the spot is one of the oldest in the city. It opened in 1990. Nothing to get all worked up about, but the year puts things into perspective. I was watching Teenage Mutant... More

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