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Los Angeles: La Isla Bonita Is The Neighborhood Taco Truck of Venice

It doesn't take much to please the locals out in Venice. They've got sunshine on their side, the beach at their feet, and a closeknit sense of neighborhood that's practically unrivaled anywhere else in Los Angeles. And it is that perfect Venice mix of well-heeled hippie, lanky surfer, aging musician, yoga pants moms and perpetually busy twentysomething that all lines up on weekdays for La Isla Bonita. This is their neighborhood taco truck. More

Giant Gum Sculptures by Simone Decker

Luxembourger artist Simone Decker shows what Venice would look like if covered in huge gobs of chewed-up gum in her sculpture series, Chewing in Venice. [via BOOOOOOOM] Related Chewed Gum T-Shirt Amazing Chewing Gum Art... More

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