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Video: Lobster Rolls from Red's Eats on VendrTV

This week, Dan Delaney of VendrTV visits legendary lobster roll stand Red's Eats in Wiscasset, Maine. The meat isn't mixed with mayonnaise or celery like other lobster rolls, but simply piled high onto a buttered, grilled roll, with melted butter on the side. They also serve crab rolls, fried haddock, fried clams, and burgers. Watch the video after the jump.... More

Video: VendrTV Visit's Portland, Oregon's Grilled Cheese Grill

In the latest episode of VendrTV, a visit to the Grilled Cheese Grill in Portland, Oregon, is as much about the Airstream trailer–based sandwich vendor as it is about the city's street-food scene in general. Host Dan Delaney talks to Food Carts Portland's Brett Burmeister as they sample sandwiches, including the "Cheesus" (pictured, bottom left), the grill's version of the Hamburger Fatty Melt. Watch, after the jump.... More

Video: VendrTV Visits the Veraci Mobile Pizza Oven in Seattle's Pike Place Market

This week, Daniel Delaney of VendrTV visits the Veraci Pizza mobile wood-oven at Seattle's Pike Place Market. If you don't live in Seattle, you might remember Veraci from the post we did about it on Slice last June. Veraci got its start operating a small arsenal of mobile pizza ovens at farmers' markets in the Northwest (various locations in Seattle and Bend, Oregon). Two things about this are neat—the mobile oven inherently, and the fact that the pizzamakers attached to the ovens could take advantage of market-fresh produce and toppings. Anyway, 'nuff blabbin'. Watch the video, after the jump.... More

Video: Portland's Nuevo Mexico Cart on VendrTV

On the latest episode of VendrTV, host Dan Delaney visits the Nuevo Mexico cart in Portland, Oregon, owned by Jesse Sandoval, former drummer of indie rock band The Shins. Using what he learned from growing up with his family's food cart, today Sandoval specializes in New Mexican cuisine, in particular sopaipillas (fried dough) stuffed with meat, beans, cheese, and green chile. There's also an appearance from former keyboardist of The Shins, Martin Crandall. Watch the video after the jump.... More

In Videos: VendrTV.com Launches with Visit to NYC's Treats Truck

Vendr.tv, a podcast and website "covering the best of the best curbside cuisine the the world has to offer," launched on Sunday. The premiere episode has host Daniel Delaney visiting the Treats Truck in New York City. Delaney says that he and the crew are about to travel to Philly and Boston to highlight street vendors there, followed by a trip to the West Coast. The premiere episode is well produced, if a smidge too long at 6:43 (my attention span for web video is two to three minutes). But Delaney seems like an affable-enough host, and street food is a topic that ignites fierce debate, so he and his team have plenty of material to work through. You... More

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