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Weekend Giveaway: 'Eat Tweet'

Brwn,rmv1/2c lardon, 2lb beef,carrot&onion.Flr,s+p. 8min@450°F; +2c pinot &Stock/T tompaste/BqtGrni. Cvr3h@325°F. Recognize the recipe? For those of you who haven't delved into the world of Twitter, those scant 140 characters were a pared-down version of Julia Child's bœuf bourguignon, courtesy of recipe tweeter Maureen Evans, better known as @cookbook. For the past few years Evans has been translating complex recipes into tiny tweets, and has recently released a pocket-sized cookbook, Eat Tweet, containing many of her miniaturized creations. More

The Peepshi Phenomenon: A Look at All of Your Peepshi Photos

When we first hatched the Peepshi concept and made our shopping list of Peeps, Rice Krispies Treats, and Fruit by the Foot, we knew it was pretty ridiculous but didn't expect it to explode the way it did. It's been incredible to see all of the Peepshi love on Flickr and across the internet. Of course Twitter became a playground of Peepshi links—we rounded up the tweets we could find, but feel free to add links to your photos if we missed them! More

Video: Popcorn Tweets

If you didn't see this video going around yesterday, basically some dudes rigged up a device that feeds popcorn kernels into a hot-air popper whenever someone on Twitter uses the hashtag #popcorn. Video, after the jump.... More

Various Websites Described as Food

The blog Firmuhment uses food as a metaphor in describing various websites, some of which you may be familiar with: Twitter: A box of Crackerjacks without a prize in it.Dooce: A peanut butter and jelly with the crusts cut off and several gin and tonics on the side, no ice. Gawker: A stick of rock candy so hard that it breaks your teeth. Lifehacker: A steak cooked by someone who doesn't like steak very much but is very interested in the quickest and most efficient ways to cook steak. What, no Serious Eats? Hmmph. [via BuzzFeed]... More

The Year That Was: Street Food

If it was served from a truck, cart, bus, camping trailer, or some other mobile contraption, it was probably a little cooler to eat this year. No longer does "street food" just mean a humdrum hot dog or pretzel—it now covers everything from brioche ice cream sandwiches to duck tacos and schnitzel. While food carts have historically illustrated a community's immigrant growth, this year it seemed like everyone and their grandma were opening a sidewalk food business, no matter where they came from. Here were some highlights.... More

Photo of the Day: Art Smith, Chris Lilly, and Ted Lee Tweeting

From left: Art Smith, Chris Lilly, Ted Lee. [Photograph: Erin Zimmer] As the New York City Wine & Food Festival's "Down South Up North" dinner wrapped up last night, three of the featured hosts circled up to tweet about the Southern food-filled evening. It all started when Ted Lee (@TheLeeBros) snapped a Twitpic of his chili crab on the menu. (His brother Matt, the other half of the Lee Bros. duo, was somewhere nearby feasting on the crustacean.) Chef Art Smith (@chefartsmith) jumped in to type: "The Chefs and Twitter!!xooxArt." And barbecue pitmaster Chris Lilly of Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q in Alabama just played along. He doesn't actually have a Twitter account.... More

Watch It with Us: 'Top Chef Masters' Ep. 7: Let the Competition Begin

As much as we love the cool grace under pressure and kitchen camaraderie all the master chefs have exhibited so far this season, we're hoping for a little more intensity and, dare we say, drama, as we head into the Champion's Round tonight with master chefs Hubert Keller, Suzanne Tracht, Rick Bayless, Anita Lo, Michael Chiarello, and Art Smith. Perhaps the producers have the same thing in mind, as tonight's Mise En Place Relay Race sounds like an excellent way to ratchet up the intensity. If you're planning on watching tonight's episode of Top Chef Masters, join us here in the comments at 10 pm ET. Who are you betting on to win it all? PS: We're also loving... More

Frysmith, a Fry Truck Launching in Los Angeles

Kimchi pork fries Justifying fries as a whole meal has been one of life's challenges for a while. Frysmith, a gourmet fry truck slated to roll out in Los Angeles this August, has taken on this noble mission. The truck will serve "ethnically infused" hand-cut fries that are piled with enough meats and cheeses, you could sort of argue, at least more than before, that it's a well-balanced meal. Rajas fries It's a scientific process where they throw stuff on top of fries. The menu includes chili-cheese fries (and a vegan version with tomatoes, mixed beans, and soyrizo), as well as Rajas fries (topped with shawarma-marinated steak and roasted poblano chiles), and sweet potato fries with organic chicken and... More

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