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Twinkie Tiramisu

It's official: Hostess, the maker of Twinkies, has filed for Chapter 11. While this doesn't necessarily mean the demise of the iconic treat, it's as good an excuse as any to stockpile on the sweet snack cakes and make something amazing: Twinkie Tiramisu. More

Build a Snack Food Stadium For Your Super Bowl Party

Holy Taco got much holier after creating the best snack food stadium ever with a field of guacamole, Slim Jim goal posts and a Twinkie-buttressed stadium. Is that our favorite shaggy-haired Steelers safety Troy Polamalu down there? Oh, nope. Just a Vienna sausage in a cheddar helmet. For security purposes, a bacon wall will keep the throngs of screaming fans—in this case tortilla chips—from falling onto the field. And hey, what do you know. A 20-ounce sausage Goodyear blimp just chilling (thanks, Photoshop!). Total calories: 24,375. Total cost: $86.47. Total deliciousness: 1 Billion trillion dude. One billion trillion. Sounds pretty priceless. Related: All Aboard the Meat Ship, Matey... More

50 Ways to Kill a Twinkie

Paul Simon enumerates 50 ways to leave a lover, but CakeSpy offers 50 ways to kill a Twinkie. While you could just eat them, you could also wait for a Teddy Graham infestation, well-stocked bookshelf for smashing, hungry snake, or noose. Got any others? Related 100-Calorie Pack Twinkies Gold Twinkies How to Make a Twinkie Tunnel Bundt Cake... More

How to Make a Twinkie Tunnel Bundt Cake

Stick halved Twinkies in a Bundt cake pan full of chocolate cake batter and you end up with a Twinkie Tunnel Bundt Cake (from The Twinkies Cookbook) where every slice of cake has a Twinkie center. Unfortunately, the creaminess is lost during baking, but "the bottom of the cake does have an interesting brulée quality to it, where the cream filling escapes and crystallizes. " Check out more fun recipes from Al Dente Blog. Related Gold Twinkies... More

Gold Twinkies

Twinkies never enticed me much, but cover them in gold metallic powder and I'm sold! Kind of. Each gold-covered, espresso or buttercream-filled organic chocolate cake made by baker Sara Magid is $6 a piece at Brooklyn-based boutique Jan and Aya, so it won't completely gouge your wallet to try at least one. Does gold make the cake taste any better? I'm going to assume that my taste buds wouldn't care—but hey, it's shiny! [via Gothamist and Brooklyn Based]... More

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