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The Chubasco Burger from Fini's Landing, One of Tucson's Best Burgers

A Hamburger Today Rita Connelly 3 comments

Fini's Landing may be best known for their beachfront theme and some pretty good fish tacos, but it's their Chubasco burger that's been garnering much attention of late. And with good reason. More

The Diablo Is in the Details at Diablo Burger in Tucson

A Hamburger Today Rita Connelly 10 comments

Diablo Burger uses local ingredients and grass fed beef to serve up good burgers in Tucson. More

Keep it Simple at Monkey Burger in Tucson

A Hamburger Today Rita Connelly 3 comments

Monkey Burger offers a wealth of toppings to go with their grass-fed burgers, but for the best experience you should ignore most of the toppings and keep it simple. More

Chain Reaction: Zinburger

A Hamburger Today Rita Connelly 8 comments

Zinburger pairs great burgers with great wines, but it's worth the trip for the beef alone. More

Chris Bianco Talks Pizza, His New Restaurant in Tucson, and Beyond

Slice Lance Roberts 11 comments

You probably heard that Chris Bianco is opening up his second pizzeria, but that's only part of the story. We had a long talk with him to find out about his new place in Tucson, what's driving him thirty years into his illustrious career, and how he got to be so damn good at making pizza. More

Chris Bianco is Opening a Pizzeria in Tucson!

Slice Niki Achitoff-Gray 12 comments

At least two or three times a week, I get really annoyed at Chris Bianco. Here's a guy—a fellow New Yorker, no less—making, by all accounts, some of the best pizza in America, and he just has to do it in Phoenix freakin' Arizona. Which is, I'll have you know, 2,410 miles and 36 hours in the car I can't drive, or, alternatively, 5 hours on the plane I can't afford. Goddamnit, Chris Bianco. Why are you so far away? More

8 Cities and the Dishes They're NOT Known For (But Should Be)

The Serious Eats Team 49 comments

New York is a legendary pizza town. New Orleans has some serious sandwich credibility (po' boys and muffulettas). Check and check. But when searching for the best bites all over the country this year, we found some surprises—mind-blowingly tasty foods thriving in regions we didn't really expect at first. Breakfast pastries in Salt Lake City, hot dogs in Tuscon, and more. More

Tucson's Burger City, a Burger Joint to Benefit the Arts

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee Post a comment

Support the arts in Tuscon by getting a burger at Burger City, an eatery opened in December by non-profit organization Artfare as part of the Cultural Arts Corridor on 6th Avenue. All of Burger City's profits benefit Artfare. Their menu... More

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