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Cheap Buzz: Trader Vic's

Drinks John M. Edwards 6 comments

Trader Vic's is Cheap Buzz with emphasis on the buzz. The drinks were powerful and—to my surprise—not too sweet. Of course, part of the fun is the presentation. More

Anyone Have a Good Teriyaki Burger Recipe?

A Hamburger Today Adam Kuban 6 comments

Photograph from Current Events on Flickr OK, burgermeisters. We need your help. One of our burger brethren is looking for a good teriyaki burger recipe. As our friend Chisai asks in Serious Eats's Talk section: I was deeply in... More

Dallas Trader Vic's Reopens After Twenty Years

Lia Bulaong Post a comment

Tina Danze visits the newly-reopened Trader Vic's in Dallas for the Morning News: "Sealed like a tomb for nearly 20 years after its closing in 1987, the lounge has been restored to its old Polynesian-pop glory. Mismatched lanterns and fishing floats hover over the dimly lit room; tiki heads and accessories salvaged from other closed locations abound; and the festive cocktails are back, along with vintage barware and over-the-top garnishes." Trader Vic's is so deliciously retro and camp in Dallas that even Tom Selleck, himself a legend of much the same stature, has visited in the last month! If like me you've never been to one, or you're yearning to relive an experience of old, their website lists all... More

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