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Bay Area Pizza Partnership to Land in Brooklyn

A Tony's Pizza Napoletana pedigree pie may soon be in Brooklyn. [Photograph: L.A. Pizza Maven] News comes from the San Francisco Chronicle that Brooklyn will be getting a new pizza place featuring Sicilian-style pies, pasta, and a pronounced cocktail program. The San Francisco dream team that is relocating East to realize the project consists of Elizabeth Falkner, who recently closed Citizen Cake and Orson, Bourbon & Branch bartender Darren Crawford, and Tony's Pizza Napoletana partner and operations director, Nancy Puglisi. Tony Gemignani will also be involved as a consultant.... More

The 8 Best Pizzas in San Francisco and the Bay Area

The Neapartisanal pies that have emerged in the Bay Area represent an American re-interpretation of classic Italian pies and evidence new ways to successfully build off of established, traditional techniques. And, oh, what options there are! So many, that limiting this list to just eight seems a crime, but you have to draw the line somewhere.While there are many, many worthy pies in and around San Francisco, here are some of the most memorable ones that we've tried to date. More

My Pie Monday: Cary Steiner's Margherita Pizza from the International School of Pizza in SF

[Photograph: Cary Steiner/Passion-4-Pizza.com] Cary Steiner of Passion-4-Pizza sends this one in: I made this pizza on day two of Tony Gemignani's pizza class in San Francisco, in the wonderful 900°F oven at Tony's Pizza Napoletana. It's a 'reasonably' traditional Margherita: San Felice '00' flour, fior di latte mozzarella, wonderful tomatoes (I won't tell you what kind! I won't!), and basil. The pizza was in the oven for 90 seconds—OK, maybe 93. You had already linked to the story at http://www.passion-4-pizza.com/tony-gemignani.html, so please don't feel compelled to link; I'm just really proud of this pie! Yeah, I did link to... More

Tony's Pizza Napoletana, San Francisco

Ladies and germs, I'm in San Francisco again. Got a wedding to go to—a friend of my girlfriend's is getting hitched. And while the GF was out having a "day of beauty" with the bride and her amigas, I was abandoned at the Powell Street BART Station like a litter of puppies no one wanted. But that's OK, 'cause I like nothing more than being in an unfamiliar place, left to my own devices to explore the pizza on offer. Unlike previous visits, though, this time I'm a bit more organized—I came armed with a San Francisco Pizza Wishlist... More

Tony's Pizza Napoletana: Pizza Paradise in SF

"A beatific smile slowly crept over my face as I wallowed in pizza delight." Tony's Pizza Napoletana 1570 Stockton Street Union Street, San Francisco CA 94133 (at Union Street; map); 415-835-9888; internationalschoolofpizza.com Pizza Style: Amazingly, all kinds Oven Type: Again, amazingly, four different types The Skinny: World Pizza Champion team member Tony Gemignani's combined pizzeria/pizza school is a veritable university or museum of pizza, with four different oven types to make an endless variety of pizza styles, from Neapolitan to New York to Trenton tomato pies, and more When I first decided to go public with my thoughts and feelings... More

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