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Daily Slice: Tomato and Basil, Park Slope, Brooklyn

I've always found grandma slices to be a three-buck gamble, but this square holds its own. Just as tasty is Tomato and Basil's Margherita ($3). The lower crust-to-topping ratio makes this slice more of a flavor bomb than dear old granny's and brings it more into line with the qualities that make slices like Di Fara's memorable. More

Slice Walk: Park Slope

Or, 'Every Damn Slice Pizzeria in Park Slope' You know, for all the pizza-eating I do in the service of this beast that is Slice, I typically focus on one place per blog post. I visit a few times, get a feel for the joint, and then file a dispatch for your approval. But a while back, I was forced to try a new approach—a systematic neighborhood slice survey. I had been asked by Time Out New York to survey the city's various Little Italys in search of the best pizzas in each one. Taking my journalistic duty seriously, I... More

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