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Tom Colicchio's Herb-Butter Turkey from 'The Epicurious Cookbook'

In The Epicurious Cookbook, editor Tanya Steel offers a variation of the traditional method of roasting turkey. Credited to Top Chef's Tom Colicchio, this bird is roasted hot to brown the skin, and then low and slow to finish. What sets it apart, however, is the unabashed use of butter. This is not a turkey simply rubbed down with butter. It is slathered, stuffed, and basted with the stuff, and then the gravy is spiked with a couple more tablespoons for good measure. A couple tablespoons of chopped herbs go a long way to flavor the bird, but, really, it's a celebration of what good, creamy butter can do to enhance a plain ol' turkey. More

Scenes from Tap & Tapas: Bites from April Bloomfield, Tom Colicchio, and More

Last night marked the 8th annual 'Tap & Tapas' benefit, which brought together some of New York's top chefs to help raise funds for Groove With Me, a non-profit offering free dance classes to at-risk girls in East Harlem. Chefs including April Bloomfield, Tom Colicchio, Floyd Cardoz, and a team from Le Bernadin all brought delicious bites for the evening. Click through the slideshow to see all of the great food that was served to benefit this great cause! More

Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Tom Colicchio's West Village

You've already seen our New York editors' neighborhood guides, in which the SE staff—Ed, Carey, Erin, and more—chat about their favorite places to eat in their own neighborhoods. But we're branching out to other food personalities. We'll chat with a different food celeb every week, bringing you their favorite everyday eats. First up? Tom Colicchio on the West Village. More

Fried Squid Po' Boy with Avocado and Black Chile Oil

Usually when I find myself frying up pieces of squid it's for some kind of Mediterranean dish. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) But this stunning sandwich from Tom Colicchio's 'wichcraft instead looks to New Orleans and Mexico for inspiration. The po' boy is drizzled with black chile oil and layered with avocado slices before being topped with handfuls of crispy squid. More

Dinner Tonight: Steak Sandwich with Cucumber, Ginger Salad, and Black Chile Mayonnaise

Most steak sandwiches are manly affairs. As Tom Colicchio explains in sandwich cookbook, 'wichcraft, the beef is "usually paired with onions, cheese, or similarly rich flavors." I'd like to add that there isn't anything wrong with that approach, but it is interesting to come across a recipe like this one that pairs the seared beef with ginger, cucumber, cilantro, and lime—all ingredients that help lighten the load. The black chile mayonnaise here is the one exception. More

Tom Colicchio's 5 Tips for Simple Entertaining

We caught up with Tom Colicchio earlier this week to chat about summer entertaining. With two little munchkins at home under the age of two, he likes to keep things real simple with cured meats, cheese, and olives—instant appetizer platter. Here are a few tips to keep in mind the next time hungry guests show up. More

Riverpark: Tom Colicchio Presents Sisha Ortuzar

When you walk into the Alexandria, the new bio-tech center building on the banks of the East River, you are confronted by a sign: Riverpark, a Tom Colicchio restaurant. But if you go on to have a couple of very fine meals there—as we did—it is highly unlkely that you will find Mr. Colicchio there. It's chef-partner Sisha Ortuzar running the kitchen. When pressed for a pithy description of the menu at Riverpark, Ortuzar said it was American food with a New York point of view. When pressed on whether the restaurant lacked focus, he said with a giggle, "It is all over the place in a controlled manner." And that's about right. More

Tom Colicchio's Testimony Before Congress

You may know Chef Tom Colicchio from his many seasons as head judge on Top Chef, and from his wildly successful restaurants. But the celebrity chef has recently taken on a different kind of food project. Yesterday, Colicchio testified before the House Education and Labor Committee in favor of the "Improving Nutrition for America's Children Act." In a well-written and thoughtful speech, he detailed the importance of the Act from a personal act compelling perspective. More

Apps Only: Craftbar

Editor's note: In "Apps Only," Ben Fishner will be eating his way through New York's appetizer, bar, and lounge menus as your guide to fine dining on a budget. He blogs at Ben Cooks Everything. White anchovy bruschetta. [Photos:... More

Tripe and Ramp Pizza with Shishito Peppers at Colicchio & Sons

[Photograph: Always Hungry NY] Wow. This is probably the most unlikely combination of pizza toppings we've seen in a while. Always Hungry NY tries the ramp and tripe pizza at Colicchio & Sons: "While the small strips of soft tripe almost mimic the texture of lightly cooked pieces of bacon, the flavor is almost imperceptible. (Which when you think about how wrong funky-tasting tripe can be, is not necessarily a negative)." Related: Sunday Pizza Night at Colicchio & Sons » Colicchio & Sons 85 Tenth Avenue, New York NY 10011 (at West 15th; map) 212-400-6699; colicchioandsons.com... More

Offal at Craftbar

Beef tongue. [Photos: Chichi Wang] Always on the lookout for offal-loving chefs, I dropped by Craftbar last week to try the Charcuterie and other nose-to-tail dishes of Chef de Cuisine Lauren Hirschberg. The tongue was tender, the head was... More

Sunday Pizza Night at Colicchio & Sons

Colicchio & Sons Sunday Pizza Night 85 Tenth Avenue, New York NY 10011 (at West 15th; map); 212-400-6699; colicchioandsons.com Getting there: A/C/E/L to Eighth Ave./14th St. Pizza style: Neapolitan-inspired Oven type: Wood Stone gas-fired brick oven, with some wood added The skinny: Celeb chef Tom Colicchio does "Pizza Night" on Sundays in the Tap Room of his new Colicchio & Sons. Small Neapolitan-inspired pies have a soft, tender dough with variable puffiness Price: $14 to $16 a pie A couple weeks ago chef-restaurateur and Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio opened Colicchio & Sons in the space formerly occupied by... More

Celebrity Chefs' Secret Cravings

[Pistachio gelato: Bobby Flay's undoing. Photograph: Robyn Lee] Slashfood asks a few chefs about their guilty pleasures, and while some take the highbrow way out--Wagyu beef, Colicchio? Really?--Bobby Flay chows down on pistachio gelato, while Mario Batali can't get enough Doritos. "It has to be Doritos, though. I especially like the lime-flavored ones with chili."... More

The Joys of Unnaturally Flavored Sodas

Fess up, serious eaters, do you have a favorite? I think it was a few weeks ago, when I ran into Tom Colicchio, that I found myself confessing my love for Fresca. I had seen an interview Colicchio had done in the New York Times Magazine in which he declared his love of Fresca: "Always in fridge: Fresca. It is just a great drink. No calories; tastes like citrus." During our discussion we both acknowledged that what we loved about Fresca was its taste, even though neither of us could identify its ingredients. Hey, Colicchio is, after all, Mr. Ingredients, Mr. Craft, so it says quite a bit about Fresca if he can't tell us what's in it. So now... More

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