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Serious Entertaining: Four Easy Summer Tartines

Hot on the heels of an all-the-sourdough-in-San-Francisco taste test, I found myself on Wednesday afternoon with six half-eaten loaves of awesome sour dough in the kitchen with very few ideas as to what to do with them. When I'm in need of ideas, I usually head to one of two places: the bath tub or the farmers' market. Luckily for you, this time it was the latter. More

Trout Toast at The Hart and the Hunter in LA Does Pickled Fish Proud

The pickled river fish is easy to overlook on a menu that offers dishes like shrimp and grits, chicken cracklings, and raclette. The description doesn't help either: "Smoked trout with boiled egg, pickled onion, capers, avocado toast." It doesn't sound sexy, and you think, "I can make avocado toast at home." But when it arrives at the table, on a plate right out of granny's cupboard, you'll know you did the right thing. More

British Bites: Beans on Toast

As a late-night snack, a light supper or even a quick snack, beans on toast make an ideal comforting meal when what you need is something warm in your stomach. Another excellent reason to love this simple, hearty dish is that it is very gentle on the wallet. Even after making this filling dish, you should have enough money left to afford a pint or two at the pub. More

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