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Tiki Week: Shrimp Toast

Of all the Tiki Week dishes, shrimp toast was probably my favorite growing up, and not because I loved shrimp. In normal Tiki style, the main ingredient in this dish is not really the point. The shrimp, flavored with scallions, garlic, sesame, and soy, ends up more as a vehicle for ensuring that all the aromatics are stuck nicely to the "toast." And I put that in quotes, because it's not often that the word "toast" refers to "deep fried bread." More

Tiki Week: Crab Rangoon

A couple weeks ago, I asked the folks over on my Facebook Page what their favorite Chinese restaurant appetizer is. I was expecting dumplings, spring rolls, perhaps hot and sour soup. What I got instead was a deluge of crab rangoon, with more than twice as many votes as any other dish. More

Tiki Week: Tiki-Style Beef Teriyaki Skewers

Putting authenticity aside, the things can still be quite delicious, the key word being can. At their best, they're sweet and savory with a faint aroma of pineapple and tender, meaty, charred beef. More often though, they're dry and salty with a distinct flavor that whispers "reheated". More

Tiki Week: Coconut Shrimp

It's not clear where crispy, crunchy, and nutty, coconut shrimp entered the snack-food lexicon—they might be caribbean, possibly Polynesian, or most likely, a purely American tiki-bar invention—but they're popular enough that you'll find'em everywhere from Thai restaurants to Irish pubs. More

Coconut Shrimp

Note: Shrimp can be stored in the freezer after frying. Let them cool to room temperature, transfer to a large plate, then place in the freezer until frozen. Transfer to a zipper-lock bag and store for up to three months.... More

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